Better Skills, Better Jobs

“While talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not.  Together we must work to build communities where all Michiganders have the skills and supports needed to build family sustaining careers and communities” Governor Whitmer

Our State put the world on wheels, was the arsenal of democracy and helped create the middle class.  If we hope to succeed and thrive in the 21st century though, we must make sure our residents, communities, and businesses are prepared to compete in a global economy.

Many factors contribute  to Michigan’s standing in the world. Our people, education system, communities, infrastructure, and companies big and small make up the backbone of our state’s economy.  The more time, energy and investments we make in each, the healthier our economy will become.

Talent development can help raise the standard of living for all Michiganders. The association between income and education levels is strong. Highly educated states boast some of the highest per-capita incomes in the country. Currently, however, Michigan ranks 36th nationally for the number of residents with a high quality industry certificate, associate degree or higher and 34th for household income.

It's also important that our businesses, particularly small and medium sized businesses, have the tools needed to grow and complete in a rapidly changing marketplace. We will get to work getting people to work by:

  • Expanding education and skills training
  • Investing in our workforce
  • Helping small businesses compete