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Special notice to Bus Companies: Change in procedures for bus companies reporting miles traveled in Michigan

Current IFTA Fuel Use Tax Rates

Tax rates change quarterly and are updated in our IFTA IPC System prior to the quarterly return being available to file. Quarterly tax rates can be viewed at www.iftach.org.

New License / Additional Decals

Form Number Form Name Purpose Useful or Associated Forms
2824 Statement Claiming Lost, Destroyed, Undelivered or Stolen State of Michigan IFTA Fuel Decal(s) Current Licensees only Use if decals are undelivered, stolen or destroyed. Use also if vehicle with affixed decal is sold. 4460 IFTA Request for Cancellation of Account
  Temporary Michigan IFTA Decal Permit To be used in place of decals for additional vehicles. Valid for 30 days and vehicle specific. Only current licensees are eligible and must obtain a temporary Michigan IFTA permit in the Michigan IFTA IPC system.
International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Request for Cancellation of Account
Cancel IFTA License Account  
5224 IFTA Service/Licensing Agency Application To set up an account for IFTA Service/Licensing Agency in the IFTA IPC system. Form 151 needs to be submitted for each IFTA account the agency services. FORM 151 Authorized Representative Declaration (Power of Attorney)
5428 IFTA Address Change Request

Current Licensees only. To request an update of the mailing address and/or physical location listed on your IFTA account in the IPC system. Also used for updating the address associated to company officer(s) and/or contact person(s).

  New IFTA License Application New Licensees Only  
151 Authorized Representative Declaration (Power of Attorney) To be used to add or revoke licensees or licensing agent.  


Manuals/Booklets Forms

Form Number Form Name Purpose Useful or Associated Forms
2838 International Fuel Tax Agreement Information Manual Informational packet for filing, reporting and record keeping requirements See Licensing and Reporting sections
4410 IFTA Brochure Helpful Information  
4360 (Jan. 2017 and after) IFTA Bus Schedule - Effective January 1, 2017 To pay additional tax or obtain a refund for Motor Fuel Tax under the Motor Fuel Tax Act (PA 403 of 2000) If requesting a refund, please call (517) 636-4600 for a Motor Fuel Tax Refund Claim form