Permanent Disability Parking Placards

Permanent Disability Placard

Permanent PlacardPermanent disability parking placards are blue and are valid for four years, expiring on the applicant's birthday. To obtain a permanent placard, you must have a disability that is not expected to improve. A qualifying disability is defined as blindness or any condition that significantly limits a person's ability to walk or that requires a wheelchair, walker, crutch or other assistive device.

A first-time permanent disability parking placard may be obtained at any Secretary of State office. Appointments provide expedited service but are not required for first-time placards. Disability parking placards are limited to one per person. Permanent disability placards are valid for four years and are issued to individuals whose condition is not expected to improve. 

You may not park for free with a permanent placard unless it has a yellow free-parking sticker. Please note that privately owned parking lots and garages are not required to provide free parking. To qualify for a free-parking sticker, you must have a valid Michigan driver's license and be unable to do one or more of the following:

  • Insert coins or tokens in a parking meter or accept a ticket from a parking lot machine due to a lack of fine motor control of both hands.
  • Reach above your head to a height of 42 inches from the ground, due to lack of finger, hand or upper extremity strength or mobility.
  • Approach a parking meter due to the use of a wheelchair or other ambulatory device.
  • Walk more than 20 feet due to an orthopedic, cardiovascular or lung condition in which the degree of debilitation is so severe that it almost completely impedes your ability to walk.

Your medical professional must certify in part 3 of the application that you meet the requirements for free parking.


Permanent placards may be renewed up to 45 days before the placard's expiration date or up to six months early if the applicant will be out of state during the renewal period or has other good reason for renewing early. There is no renewal fee. A physician's statement is not required for renewals.

Convenient options are offered for renewing a permanent disability parking placard with the new placard being issued by mail. Renew by submitting a request at, by telephone at 888-SOS-MICH (888-767-6424), or by mail to:

Michigan Department of State
PO Box 30764
Lansing MI 48909-8264

Please make sure to include your expiring permit number and your name, address and a daytime phone number with your renewal request.

There is a $10 fee to replace a lost or stolen placard. Identification must be presented by the applicant when requesting a replacement placard.

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