Disability Plates

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If you have a qualifying disability or live with someone who does, you may apply for a disability license plate. A qualifying disability is defined as either blindness or any condition that significantly limits a person's ability to walk or that requires a wheelchair, walker, crutch or other assistive device. To be eligible for a disability license plate, the condition must also be permanent.

Disability license plates are also issued to facilities that serve and transport people with disabilities.

This plate allows you to park in designated disability parking spaces. A disability license plate does not provide free parking. You must have a disability placard with a yellow free-parking sticker to park for free. Note: Privately owned parking lots and garages are not required to provide free parking.

Disability plates are available in the standard, Mackinac Bridge or Spectacular Peninsulas versions.
The following vehicles qualify for a disability license plate:

  • Passenger vehicles, including motor homes, not used commercially
  • Individually owned pickups and vans
    Note: Vans and pickups owned by a business, company or corporation are not eligible for a disability plate.

Disability plates expire on the owner's birthday.

Applicants for a disability license plate pay only the standard annual vehicle registration fee. A passenger vehicle, pickup, or van equipped with either permanently installed wheelchair lift equipment or permanently installed hand controls and owned by a person who uses a wheelchair or transports a member of their household who uses a wheelchair is eligible for a 50 percent reduction in the standard annual registration fee. (Additional service fees, such as those for personalizing the plate or for purchasing and renewing a fundraising version, are excluded from the discount.)

This reduced fee applies only to a disability plate, not a regular plate. Vans used for commercial purposes are not eligible for the reduction.

There is no fee to cancel a valid plate and replace it with a disability plate. Disability plates are mailed from Lansing within 10 business days after application.

For more information, please call the Department of State Information Center at (888) SOS-MICH (767-6424).

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