Certifying Other Secretary of State Records

In addition to the list of documents that are certified by the Office of the Great Seal, the Secretary of State certifies other types of records that include the following:

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Search Results 

When requesting a search of UCC records, you may specify on the UCC-11 Information Request form either "All" or "Unlapsed" records. When "All" is specified, lapsed or terminated filings are given for one year after the date the filing would have lapsed. When "Unlapsed" is specified, only active records that have not lapsed are reported. UCC search results include a statement certifying that the results are a record of all financing statements and tax liens for the debtor name, as requested on the search request form, on file as of the current certification date.

If needed, typically for court proceedings, a certification seal on your search results is available for an additional fee of $6 per seal. A box is provided on the UCC-11 Information Request Form to request search results with a certified seal.

Driving or Vehicle Records 

Certified copies of driving records, vehicle title histories, or vehicle registration histories can be purchased for an additional $1.00 fee added to the $11.00 price for each record you purchase. Please specify your desire for a certified record at the time of placing your order.

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