Who is eligible?

Agency: State

Class A and Class B dealers are required by law to purchase a minimum of two dealer plates. Eligibility for additional dealer plates is determined using the following formula:

  • One plate for each five vehicles carried in highest inventory, up to and including 400 vehicles.
  • One plate for each seven vehicles in excess of 400, up to a maximum of 100 plates.

Class W dealers may purchase dealer plates, however, there is not a minimum number required. The maximum number of dealer plates for a wholesale vehicle dealer is initially one plate.


A Class W dealer may apply for additional dealer plate(s). A wholesale dealer will be required to submit copies of title and police book information for vehicles in their inventory to verify the need for any additional dealer plates. If the request for additional plates is approved, the following formula will be used:

  • One plate for every five vehicles carried in highest inventory, up to and including 40 vehicles.
  • One plate for every 10 vehicles exceeding 40, up to a maximum of 10 plates.

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