CDL Testing

All drivers applying for their first commercial driver license must take CDL knowledge tests and skills tests. Drivers with a CDL from another state must take the appropriate knowledge tests if upgrading their group designator or adding endorsements. They may need to take the CDL skills tests if upgrading their group designator, removing restrictions or adding the passenger (P) or school bus (S) endorsement to their CDL (page xv of the Michigan Commercial Driver License Manual).

An important note for all CDL test applicants: YOU are responsible for ensuring that the commercial vehicle you will be testing in is the correct vehicle for your CDL group designator(s), endorsement(s) and restrictions. The testing examiner WILL NOT tell you whether the commercial vehicle is the correct type. Using a commercial vehicle that does not meet the specifications required for your CDL means your license may not have the group designator(s), endorsement(s) or restrictions that you want. Make sure you have the correct type of commercial vehicle before you test.

CDL Knowledge Tests

You will take one or more knowledge tests. It is recommended that you study the Michigan Commercial Driver License manual very carefully as it contains the information you need to pass the CDL tests including sample test questions.

All CDL knowledge tests are administered in written form. Anyone applying for the hazardous materials endorsement must pass a written hazardous materials knowledge test, present proof of U.S. Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Resident, and present a Federal Security Threat Assessment. Follow this link for more information about the Federal Security Threat.


CDL Group Knowledge Tests Skills Test
Group A 70 Questions* Yes
Group B 50 Question Yes
Group C 50 Questions Yes

*This includes a 20-question combination vehicle test

Endorsements Knowledge Tests Skills Test
S - School Bus 20 Question Yes
T- Double Trailer 20 Question No
P - Passenger 20 Question Yes
N - Tank Vehicles 20 Question No
H - Hazardous Materials 30 Question No

Air Brakes Test

If you want to be licensed to drive vehicles with air brakes, you must pass a 25-question air brake knowledge test. The vehicle you use for the skills test must be equipped with air brakes. If either of these conditions have not been met, you will be restricted from operating vehicles with air brakes.

CDL Skills Tests

You must wait 14 days prior to taking the skills test and converting your CLP into a full CDL.

You will also need to pass a CDL skills test which includes three parts:

  • A vehicle inspection test to measure your ability to perform a vehicle safety check. (A Pre-trip Vehicle Inspection Memory Aid is available on the last page of the CDL Manual [Appendix C] and may be used during the test.
  • A basic control skills test.
  • A driving test.

All three tests are conducted during the same testing session, in the order listed above. Each test must be passed before continuing on to the next test. A failure of any one of the skills tests terminates testing.  You will receive credit for any segment you passed, but the credit expires on the date your CLP expires.  For example, if you fail the on-road segment after passing the vehicle inspection and the basic control, your retest would include only the on-road segment, as long as you retest on the same CLP. When you schedule a retest after you passed one or two test segments, tell the tester about the segments you passed so they can confirm that they are on your record.

 Follow this link for more information about driver testing businesses in your area. Or you may contact your local Secretary of State branch office.

You must supply an empty vehicle with a GVWR representative of the type you plan to drive (including a trailer if required), with at least two permanently mounted seats. Safety belts are required for both the driver and examiner (except for the examiner on buses).

Applicants applying for the P-Passenger endorsement must pass skills tests in a bus-type vehicle with a seating capacity of 16 or more passengers, including the driver. 

Applicants applying for the S-School bus endorsement must pass skills tests in a school bus-type vehicle with a seating capacity of 16 or more passengers, including the driver.

Sections 10-12 of the Commercial Driver License Manual contains additional information on the CDL skills tests.

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