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Changes do not affect current retirees or members who switched to the Defined Contribution (DC) plan during the open enrollment window in 1998.

The election window is closed. Retirement reform changes take effect April 1, 2012.

Select your election option below to learn more information. If you're not sure which election you made, check the letter you received from ORS in mid-March, or log in to miAccount and check the Account Summary page. If you were hired after December 31, 2011, visit for information about your retirement plan.

More information

Option 1: Graded Premium Subsidy. You'll retain the current retiree health insurance graded premium subsidy offered by the state upon your retirement.

Option 2: Personal Healthcare Fund. We'll establish a personal, portable fund for you which can be used for paying healthcare expenses in retirement. You'll receive up to a 2 percent matching employer contribution into your 401(k) account if you contribute 2 percent of your pay, and a lump-sum credit to a tax-deferred account when you terminate employment.


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