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Water Strategy Implementation and Priorities

Water Strategy Implementation and Priorities

  • River Flowing Over RocksThe Office of the Great Lakes led the creation of a comprehensive, ecosystem-based water resource strategy with partners based on a statewide listening tour.

    The Water Strategy was built on a collaborative process that recognizes the value of continued learning, open dialogue and adaptive management.

    Michigan state agencies formed an Interdepartmental Water Team to ensure a cohesive common strategy around Water Strategy implementation including coordination with key partners. The team includes representatives from OGL, DNR, DEQ, MDARD, DHHS, and MDOT.

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Water Cabinet

  • Development of the Water Strategy involved a substantive advisory process. The final plan was greatly enhanced by advice received from an ad-hoc external advisory council known as the Water Cabinet, convened to provide experience and knowledge in a variety of subject areas. The group continued to meet for 3 years after the Water Strategy was published to discuss progress and further refine priorities. The last meeting of the Water Cabinet was held in January 2019.

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    Michigan's water resources face a number of threats from invasive species, urban and rural runoff, nonpoint source pollution, legacy contamination, emerging pollutants and changes in climate. You can help protect our water resources!

    Michigan is surrounded by 20% of the world's fresh surface water, and which is why it's important to be good stewards of this global treasure. Ensuring the health of our water resources for generations to come depends on stewardship and education about water. Just like every drop of water matters, every effort does too!

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