• The Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) monitors multifamily developments for resident eligibility for the following programs: Section 8, Section 236, LIHTC projects, MSHDA Direct Loan projects (funded under tax-exempt and taxable bond financing programs, including One Percent, 80/20, 70/30, TEAM, and HOME TEAM Advantage), HOME projects, NPP projects, Pass-Through and Modified Pass-Through projects. In order to assess the eligibility of a resident, MSHDA provides guidance and forms to assist owners and developers to comply with state and federal regulations.

    If you have questions regarding MSHDA Compliance, please email our Compliance Monitoring Division.

    Recent Updates
    Recent Updates involving Compliance Monitoring for Rental Housing

    Manuals, Policies and Codes
    Compliance Manuals, LIHTC Policies and IRS Codes

    IRS, Tenant File, Physical Inspection and Year End Report Forms used in Compliance Monitoring for Rental Housing

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    Additional links to other web sites with compliance related information

    Income, Rent and Utility Limits
    Income Limits, Maximum Rents and Utility Allowances for various MSHDA Programs

    HOME Compliance and Monitoring
    Links to HOME Compliance and Monitoring information for Rental Developments

    Sample Leases for various programs