• MDOT Permit Gateway

    MDOT Permit Gateway LogoThe MDOT Permit Gateway (MPG) has replaced Business One Stop for MDOT business and is the portal for ordering permits. Click on the MPG icon for additional information about this portal.

    For technical issues related to MDOT Permit Gateway, password resets and login assistance, contact or 844-806-0002.

  • Bus and Limo Licensing

    Intrastate Certificates of Authority, Charter or Regular Route Authority, safety inspection procedures, frequently asked questions.

  • Right-of-Way Construction Permits

    Coordinate the issuance of construction permits for use of highway right of way for operations other than normal vehicular or pedestrian travel.

  • Utility Coordination and Accommodation

    Provides guidance and documents related to MDOT's utility coordination and accommodation program.

  • Oversize or Overweight Permits - MiTrip

    Issue transport permits for oversize/overweight loads to travel state and federal highways.

  • Highway Advertising (Billboards)

    Coordinate the permitting, regulation, and control of outdoor advertising adjacent to state and federal highways.

  • Junkyard Screening

    Provide guidance for controlling the screening of junkyards adjacent to highway right-of-way.