• 003 - Are You Building On A State Highway? Do You Need A Permit? PDF icon

    Price: Free
    Brochure explaining the permitting requirements if you are building on a state highway.

  • 004 - Administrative Rules

    Price: Free
    Regulating Driveways, Banners, and Parades On and Over Highways.

  • 011 - Capital Preventive Maintenance Manual - (2010) PDF icon

    Preventive Maintenance is a planned strategy of cost effective treatment to existing roadways.

  • 012 - Hot Mix Asphalt Production Manual - (2003) PDF icon

    Price: $13.85
    Describes quality control and quality assurance testing that are to be performed on MDOT projects.

  • 035 - Construction Manual - Web Only

    Guide detailing the organization, authority, and responsibility of project administration. Has sections with instructions on personnel practices, project management, construction surveying, construction inspection and materials sampling.

  • 038 - Construction Warranties Manual - (2008)

    Price: $14.25
    Guidelines for administering warranties on road and bridge construction.

  • 040 - Density Testing and Inspection Manual - (2010) PDF icon

    Current edition of all test that MDOT uses for density control testing.        

  • 043 - Documentation Guide - (2010)

    Price: $12.80
    Minimum Acceptance Requirements for Material Approvals and Documentation.

  • 060 - Michigan Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

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    The Michigan Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MMUTCD) is the State of Michigan standard for all traffic control devices installed on any street, highway, bikeway, or private road open to public travel.

  • 061 - Part 6 of the MMUTCD

    Available website only.
    Excerpt from the MMUTCD, on construction maintenance, utility and emergency operations.

  • 065 - Mich. Structure Inventory & Appraisal Coding Guide - (2003) PDF icon

    Price: $9.87
    A guide for Michigan bridge inspectors that contains instructions for structure inventory and appraisal, Form #1717A.

  • 070 - Michigan Test Methods - (2001) PDF icon

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    Includes the procedures used by MDOT in testing certain materials, equipment or operations. Supplements test methods published by ASTM and AASHTO.

  • 073 - Preconstruction Process Documentation Manual - (2001)

    Price: $11.00
    Manual contains information and descriptions of task used in the Program/Project Management System. These task are used in the bidding, scheduling, billing and payroll systems for tracking resources and project progress.

  • 074 - Provisions for Jack Construction - (1998)

    Price: Contact Steve Albrecht for information at 517-335-2211
    Permitting, installing and inspecting jacked-in-place and directional-drilled pipe within MDOT right-of-way guide

  • 075 - Procedures for Aggregate Inspection (5th Edition)

    Price: $2.25
    Procedures for qualifying aggregates for the preparation of road plans. Furnishes procedures for processing.

  • 083 - Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Manual - (2006)

    Price: $8.65
    Procedural guide for minimizing erosion and sedimentation. Includes reference material, contact names and detail sheets for erosion control devices.

  • 090 - Standard Specifications for Construction - (2012)

    Available web site only.
    Contains the current written directions, provisions and requirements pertaining to performance of work on MDOT projects. It is the base document controlling a project and is modified by supplemental specifications and special provisions contained in the project proposal.

  • 095 - State Highway Bridge and Grade Separations (Report 44) PDF icon

    List of bridges, grade separations and culverts on Michigan trunk lines or crossing trunk lines. This edition presents structure number, trunk line number, facility of feature crossed. Location, type of structure,number of spans, total length, wearing surface, roadway widths, and vertical clearances.

  • 100 - Work Item Code Book - (2003)

    Price: $13.15
    Contains alphabetical, numerical and index of standard work item pay code numbers.

  • 115 - Public Hearing and Comments on Proposed Changes to Non-Radioactive Hazardous Materials Routing Designations.(Wayne County, Michigan)

    Price: $16.00
    Contains documents relating to public involvement and outreach in the review process regarding proposed changes to the Non-Radioactive Hazardous Materials routing designations for Wayne County, Michigan. Includes transcripts from the April 25, 2013 public hearing and written public comments received from Dec. 20, 2012 through May 27, 2013.