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  • Hospitals play a vital role in assisting parents with establishing paternity for their child. For a child born to unwed parents, establishing paternity provides that child with legal proof of parentage, including legal rights and eligibility for parental benefits. The paternity of a child must be established if a child is born to an unmarried mother or a mother who has not been married within the past 10 months.

    Hospital Responsibilities

    Provide parents with information on the voluntary acknowledgment of paternity process at the time of a child's birth, including:

    Provide one copy of the completed AOP form to each parent.

    Promptly complete the AOP form electronically at the hospital, and file the hard-copy AOP with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).


    Hospital Paternity Acknowledgment Guide - Detailed information about paternity establishment and the procedures for completing and sending AOPs to MDHHS.

    The Office of Child Support provides hospitals and other agencies with guidance, support and reliable information about paternity establishment issues. Email questions to

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