History of the MIPAD Initiative

In July 2017, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) launched a new initiative, which was known as the Michigan Inpatient Psychiatric Admissions Discussion (MIPAD), to respond to this crisis. As part of this initiative, MDHHS convened a workgroup that was composed of providers and payers to investigate ongoing barriers to inpatient psychiatric services and produce a set of recommendations to overcome these barriers. The workgroup submitted its final recommendations to the department in October 2017.  The final workgroup report is copied below.

MIPAD Workgroup Report

MDHHS identified a sub-set of the recommendations for short-term action and has been working with stakeholders to implement several related projects in 2018. MDHHS has assigned responsibility for implementing these projects to specific agencies within the department, and the various agencies will continue to work on implementing the projects in 2019. MDHHS has also acquired a significant amount of experience and identified several lessons learned during the initial implementation process, and MDHHS will use this information to guide the implementation of the new Michigan Psychiatric Care Improvement Project and other future statewide efforts to address the crisis. MDHHS will continue to consult and partner with stakeholders on implementing the projects.