MICIP Support

Question/Support Needed Who to Contact
Who do I contact when I need technical support with the MICIP platform?

You should send a ticket to MiServiceDesk by either clicking on the word “Support” at the bottom of every MICIP page or by contacting the MiServiceDesk.

  • Users requesting support for the first time will be required to self-register* for an account and can then submit a form request or live chat with MiServiceDesk for MICIP Platform assistance.
  • Returning users will be able to monitor the status of existing support tickets and/or create new support requests using the account they previously registered with.
Who do I contact when I have questions about building plans in MICIP? MDE provides support to users who have questions about plan creation or general MICIP process. Please submit an email to the MICIP mailbox
Who do I contact if I need to verify that my district is authorized to use MICIP? Please contact Renie Araoz, MDE Administrator for MICIP (araozr@michigan.gov).
Who do I contact if I'm having difficulties logging into MiLaunchPad? The Michigan Data Hub can help users who are having difficulty logging into MiLauchPad. Support can be found at MiDataHub.org or using the support link.
Where can I find information about where to submit Consolidated Application or general information about the changes to Consolidated Application submission? MDE Regional Consultants are available to help you with the change to NexSys (replacement for MEGS+). A listing of Field Consultants and information about the Consolidated Application can be found on the Field Services website. Also there is a Frequently Asked Question document on the MICIP website with various information about the consolidated application and required plans.
Where do I go to provide MDE feedback on MICIP? MDE would greatly appreciate your feedback on the MICIP platform, process and mindset change. Your feedback will be used for improvement. Please send your feedback to the MICIP mailbox. You will receive a confirmation of your feedback.