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We are pleased to announce updated information regarding financial relief that will positively impact child care providers and families. This letter is also available in Spanish.


Ongoing Health and Safety Training for 2022

Child care providers have a requirement to complete ongoing health and safety training annually through MiRegistry. The Michigan Ongoing Health and Safety Training Refresher 2022 is now available online. Details related to this training requirement are also provided in the CDC Handbook.

DON'T DELAY! Click here to register for the Michigan Ongoing Health and Safety Refresher 2022.

As you are navigating the online trainings, please note, to receive credit you must reach the final slide and click on the green "CONCLUDE THIS COURSE" bar.

If you have questions about this required training, contact the CDC office at 866-990-3227. 

If you need assistance with MiRegistry, email


Child Care Call Center Hours: Beginning Monday August 16, 2021, CDC will have new call center hours. Our Hours will be 9:00 am -12:00 pm and 1:30 - 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Please call 866-990-3227 for questions.


Level 2 Training Changes

IMPORTANT: New information regarding level 2 training  for License Exempt-Related and License Exempt-Unrelated subsidy providers.

As of January 1, 2022, all Level 2 training must be taken through MiRegistry. 

Certificates for trainings completed outside of MiRegistry dated on or after January 1, 2022, will not count toward the 10 hours of training needed to meet the Level 2 requirement.

You may find approved Level 2 trainings at MiRegistry Statewide Training Calendar .

General Level 2 Information:

License Exempt Related and License Exempt-Unrelated subsidy providers have the option to complete 10 hours of approved training per year to receive a higher hourly rate.

  • A provider may begin taking training to count towards Level 2 after completing the Great Start to Quality Orientation (GSTQ Level 1).
  • All training on the MiRegistry training calendar, including the annual Michigan Ongoing Health and Safety Training Refresher, counts toward Level 2, except for GSQO (level 1).

See the CDC Handbook  for more Level 2 training requirements and information.

Information and Resources - If you are a licensed child care provider, or wish to become one, we encourage you to take advantage of our information and resources to help you provide quality care.

If you provide care for a child receiving child care assistance from the State, use these resources to help you through the billing and payment process.

License exempt Child Care Providers are adults, age 18 or older, who are enrolled to provide child care for up to six children at a time.  License exempt providers can provide care in their own home or the child's home if they are related by blood, marriage or adoption as a:

  • (Great) Grandparent
  • (Great) Aunt or Uncle
  • Sibling (only if the provider and the child do not live together).

License exempt Child Care Providers who are not related to the child can only provide care in the child's home. You must meet requirements and apply to become a license exempt provider in order to receive assistance payments for a child that you care for. Go to the License Exempt Provider Application to begin the process.


Q: How do I become a licensed provider?

A: If you wish to be licensed as a child care center, group child care home or family child care home, call the Child Care Licensing Bureau  (CCLB) toll free at 1-866-685-0006 or visit:

Q: As a licensed provider, how do I accept CDC subsidy-eligible children?

A: If you are currently a licensed provider and wish to accept a CDC subsidy-eligible child(ren) into your program, you and the parent will need to complete the DHS-4025, Provider Verification form, selecting you as their provider. The parent will submit the form to MDHHS. All staff that have contact with children will also have to complete a comprehensive background check.

For reimbursement, please go to the Provider Resources section and review the I-Billing instructions and Billing help information.

Q: How do I apply to become a license exempt provider?

A: You must meet eligibility requirements to become a license exempt provider in order to receive assistance payments for a child that you care for. To begin, complete a CDC License Exempt Provider Application, which can also be found below or call 1-866-990-3227.

Q: Who do I contact for questions about Great Start to Quality (GSQ) Orientation or the Quality Rating Process?

A:  For more information about GSQ Orientation or the Quality Rating process, please call 877-614-7328 or visit and click "Providers and Educators".  For Orientation, select "Learn about Orientation". For the Quality Rating Process, select "Learn about Participating".

Q: How much does a fingerprint background check cost?

A: The fingerprint background check costs $64.25. The provider or applicant is responsible for this cost. The fingerprint background check is not required for license exempt - related providers.

Q: How should I bill as a child care provider?

A: To be paid, you must submit billing information to the Department using I-Billing (Internet Billing). You will need to know:

  • Your provider ID number.
  • Your personal identification number (PIN).
  • The pay period number (see Payment Schedule).
  • The number of hours the child(ren) were in care while the parent attended his or her authorized activity (using your time and attendance records).

Q: How will I be reimbursed?

A: Payments are based on the parent's eligibility and the child's attendance. Providers submit their billing to the Department every two weeks and are paid every two weeks. The estimated check mailing date and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) deposit dates are listed on the CDC Payment Schedule. Provider billing information submitted after the deadline, but within seven days of the deadline, will be paid the following week.

Q: What is the FBI fingerprint appeal process?  

A: For additional details about the FBI fingerprint process, see the License Exempt Provider FBI Fingerprint Process.

Q: What if I am found ineligible prior to fingerprinting?

A: If you are found ineligible to be a license exempt provider before your fingerprint and background check is complete, you will receive a letter from the Child Development and Care office explaining the reason for the denial. After reviewing the letter, if you have questions, you may contact 866-990-3227 for assistance.

Q: What if I am found ineligible after fingerprinting?

A: If you are found ineligible to be a license exempt provider, you will be notified by the Child Care Background Check unit within the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA).  The notice will include the reason for your ineligibility.  LARA will send you a form that tells you how to request a re-determination, in the event that this determination was made based upon inaccurate information or records. If you have questions about your fingerprint denial you may contact LARA for assistance at 844-765-2247.


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