OCTE Quick Reference for Technical Assistance

  Quick Reference Guide for Career and Technical Education Secondary School Programs

and Early Middle College

Michigan Department of Education
  Office of Career and Technical Education
  Post Office Box 30712
Lansing, Michigan 48909
MAIN:  517-241-5342     FAX:  517-241-5347

Subject Contact Phone Number
4483 Enrollment and Completion Report Joan Church 517-335-0360
504-Office of Civil Rights   216-522-4920
Administrator Certifications Rajah Smart 517-335-6615
Advisory Committee Toolkit Mark Forbush 989-277-9249
Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Cluster Mark Forbush 989-277-9249
Ancillary Data Reports Valerie Milton 517-335-1066
Apprenticeship Programs USDOL 517-377-1746
Architecture and Construction Cluster Lee Greenacre 517-241-5346
Arts, A/V, Technology, and Communications Cluster Tom Knight 517-241-5345
Breaking Traditions   517-241-2091
Business, Management and Administration Cluster Tom Knight 517-241-5345
Business Professionals of America (BPA) (CTSO) Maurice Henderson 734-487-1700
Career Education Conference Candace Vinson 517-241-4355
Cash Management System (CMS) Christine Black 517-241-0260
CEPD Options Form Joan Church 517-335-0360
Civil Rights Compliance Review (CRCR) Muhammed Sadek 517-241-5343
Core Performance Indicators (Perkins CTE) Yincheng Ye 517-241-7652
Counseling/Counselor Education Jill Kroll 517-241-4354
Criminal Offender Grants (DOC & DHHS) Christine Black 517-241-0260
CTE/CEPD Administrator Approvals Candace Vinson 517-241-4355
CTE Program Articulation and Alignment Issues Career Cluster Consultants  
CTE Teacher Certification/Annual Authorization Tom Knight 517-241-5345
CTE Teacher Preparation Issues/Supply & Demand Tom Knight 517-241-5345
CTEIS Data System Valerie Milton 517-335-1066
CTEIS Security Levels Joan Church 517-335-0360
CTSOs Lee Greenacre 517-241-5346
CTSO Grants Muhammed Sadek 517-241-5343
Data Coordination Valerie Milton 517-335-1066
Data Dashboards Yincheng Ye 517-241-7652
Early Middle College Data/Reports Lisa Seigel 517-241-2072
Education and Training Cluster Candace Vinson 517-241-4355
Employability Skills Vacant  
Employers as Partners Vacant  
End-of-Year Reports (Perkins) Christine Black 517-241-0260
Energy Cluster Lee Greenacre 517-241-5346
Excellence in Practice Awards Muhammed Sadek 517-241-5343
FACTS Brochure Valerie Milton 517-335-1066
Family, Career and Community Leaders of Michigan, Dave Wait 734-487-3322
Family and Consumer Science (FCS) Candace Vinson 517-241-4355
Finance Cluster Tom Knight 517-241-5345
Fiscal Specialist OCTE Christine Black 517-241-0260
Fiscal Cooperative Agreements (Perkins) Muhammed Sadek 517-241-5343
Follow-Up Survey of Program Completers Yincheng Ye 517-241-7652
Gender Equity   517-241-2091
GEDs LARA 517-335-5858
Government and Public Administration Cluster Candace Vinson 517-241-4355
Grant Electronic Monitoring System Liaison (GEMS) Muhammed Sadek 517-241-5343
Green Partnerships in CTE Mark Forbush 989-277-9249
Health Occupations of America (HOSA) (CTSO) Mark Burley 517-347-8088
Health Science Cluster Celena Mills 517-335-0381
Hospitality and Tourism Cluster Candace Vinson 517-241-4355
Human Services Cluster Celena Mills 517-335-0381
Information Technology Cluster Tom Knight 517-241-5345
Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security Cluster Candace Vinson 517-241-4355
Less-Than-Class-Size Contracted Instruction Programs Lee Greenacre 517-241-5346
Manufacturing Cluster Lee Greenacre 517-241-5346
Marketing Cluster Celena Mills 517-335-0381
Marketing and Promoting CTE Vacant  
Mechatronics Lee Greenacre 517-241-5346
Michigan Electronic Grants System Plus (MEGS+) Christine Black 517-241-0260
MEGS+ Liaison Muhammed Sadek 517-241-5343
Michigan DECA (CTSO) David Wait 734-487-3322
Michigan FFA Association (CTSO) Dave Wyrick 517-353-9221 x225
MI Merit Curriculum Vacant  
Michigan Rehabilitation Partnership Valerie Milton 517-335-1066
Navigator Tom Knight 517-241-5345
New CTE Administrator Information Candace Vinson 517-241-5355
New CTE Program Planning Process Vacant  
Parents as Partners Jill Kroll 517-241-4354
Perkins Consolidated Annual Report (CAR) Jill Kroll 517-241-4354
Perkins Regional Allocation Formula Muhammed Sadek 517-241-5343
Perkins V State Plan Jill Kroll 517-241-4354
Professional Development Vacant  
Programs of Study Tom Knight 517-241-5345
Project Lead The Way Vacant  
Proprietary Schools (LEO) LEO 517-241-9221
Requests for Applications (RFA) Muhammed Sadek 517-241-5343
Research (CTE) Valerie Milton 517-335-1066
Risk Management/Interagency Labor Law Compliance Career Cluster Consultants  
Section 61a(1) (Added Cost):    
   Allocations & Expenditure Policy Joan Church 517-335-0360
   Expenditure Report (4033) Joan Church 517-335-0360
   Funds X0107 Secondary Funding Report Joan Church 517-335-0360
Section 61b Jill Kroll 517-241-4354
Section 61a(2) Administrator Reimbursement Candace Vinson 517-241-5355
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Cluster Lee Greenacre 517-241-5346
SkillsUSA-Michigan (CTSO) Carrie Warning 734-487-3888
Special Populations, Programs, and Services Valerie Milton 517-335-1066
Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) Liaison Jill Kroll 517-241-4354
Teacher (CTE) Certification Questions Linda Campbell 517-335-0585
Teacher - Student - Data link (TSDL) Liaison Valerie Felder 517-335-1066
Technical Review, Assistance & Compliance (TRAC) Muhammed Sadek 517-241-5343
Technical Skills Assessments Valerie Milton 517-335-1066
   Communications Valerie Milton 517-335-1066
   Implementation Valerie Milton 517-335-1066
Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Cluster Celena Mills 517-335-0381
USDOL/Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training Russ Davis
David Jackson
Work-Based Learning Celena Mills 517-335-0381
Early Middle Colleges Lisa Seigel 517-241-2072
Early MIddle College Data/Reports Lisa Seigel 517-241-2072
Section 61b CTEIS Reporting Joan Church 517-335-0360
Section 61b Expenditures Joan Church 517-335-0360
Section 61b Funding Formula Joan Church 517-335-0360
  Yincheng Ye 517-241-7652
Section 61b Planning Grants Lisa Seigel 517-241-2072
Section 61b Strategic Plans Lisa Seigel 517-241-2072