MILibraryQuest Winter 2021

MiLibraryQuest - Summer 2021 

MiLibraryQuest: Summer Edition 2021 is an opportunity for teens across the state to learn about unique animals and Michigan libraries! Teens will find descriptions of a variety of animals spread across the websites of participating libraries which they will enter into their digital field journal for an opportunity to win a prize!

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The Quest begins on June 1 and ends on July 31, 2021. 

The MiLibraryQuest challenge is created by public libraries across Michigan and is supported in part by the Library of Michigan.  

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Logo Contest

MI Library Quest Logo


The MiLibraryQuest team is happy to announce our new, official logo! This logo was created by Michigan teen, Josephine Sokoloski, from the Linden Branch of Genesee District Library.  

This logo will be used to represent MiLibraryQuest throughout all of our future Quests. Individual Quests may have their own thematic logos as well; this logo will represent MiLibraryQuest overall.  Jo's logo incorporates the core elements of each and every Quest: an outline of our great state representing all libraries and teens throughout Michigan, a magnifying glass representing the joy of the search during each Quest, and an open book representing the love of libraries (if you look closely, you may see our state tree and state bird as well).

We received 12 entries in our logo contest and were very impressed with the talent evident in each of them. Thank you to everyone who entered. It was truly a hard decision to make! Congratulations, Jo, on your winning design!


If you have any questions about the MiLibraryQuest, please contact the Quest Team at

Updated 05/14/2021