Evaluation & Post Event Tasks

  • Simple & short or extensive & long—which will yours be?
  • Pass out before the audience breaks up and have clear instructions on where and to whom they should return evaluations. Provide writing utensil (pen or pencil).
  • Some things to find out: Did you like the program? What did you particularly like or dislike? What other kinds of programs would you like the library to sponsor? Where did you hear about this program? Do you regularly use the library? Have you attended library programs before (how often) or is this the first?
  • Do a head count during the program. Most funding organizations will require this information—some will also want some break down of data on audience such as age and gender. At a minimum do a head count for your own information (state aid report or future planning needs).

Post Event Tasks

  • Thank you to the author.
  • Follow up to the publisher.
  • Thank you to the venue, if it was at a location other than the library.
  • Final report to funding organization (if required).

Updated 02/26/2018

Acknowledgement: to the Dakota County Library (Eagan, Minnesota) for some ideas and information used in this material.