Costs & Funding

  • Speaking fees.
  • Travel and accommodations for author (you will determine with author/publisher who is responsible for these).
  • Printing (brochures, posters, fliers).
  • Photocopying.
  • Postage.
  • Hospitality supplies.


  • Friends of the Library —your libraries group may be willing/able to help.
  • Book sale— use book donation proceeds.
  • Library budget —if not already a line item in your library's budget, consider adding money for adult programming.
  • Grants Federal, state and city agencies have a variety of funding opportunities, i.e. Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs, Michigan Humanities Council (programs offered include Quick Grants and Arts & Humanities Touring Program Grants). Lead times and requirements vary so review early to determine whether you can or will apply.
  • Subscription —your library may choose to plan a program series in which people pay to attend and thereby have the program pay for itself (or raise funds for other projects). Consult with your library's board or attorney to determine whether this is possible.

Updated 02/26/2018

Acknowledgement: to the Dakota County Library (Eagan, Minnesota) for some ideas and information used in this material.