Save the Data (Webinar Series)
LM's Joe Hamlin and Kathy Kosinski present this informative series on library data.

Assessment/Evaluation Webinars from the Public Library Association (PLA)

Library Data Webinars from WebJunction
WebJunction is brought to you in party by the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the Library of Michigan.

Library Data Webinars from InfoPeople
Infopeople is a nonprofit consortium of more than 230 libraries committed to unleashing the impact of libraries. Infopeople provides library staff quality continuing education opportunities that are tailored to library needs and developed by experienced library professionals. Training formats include 2-6 week asynchronous online courses, as well as free one-hour webinars.

Applicable Webinars from Library Connect
Explore the many uses of data by various disciplines and learn new techniques and innovative ways to share your new knowledge with your community.