Beginning Workshop

For a library to be eligible for State Aid payments in fiscal year 2022 necessary staff must complete this online course by March 1, 2022.

The Beginning Workshop course is now available online as a self-paced lesson in our Niche Staff Skills Academy. The goal of the course is to provide library staff, without an MLS, exposure to a variety of topics and offer them practical skills that they can use working in a Michigan public library. Anyone new to the profession or recenlty hired at a library, no matter their academic credentials, is welcome to take part in the online course.

For those seeking an initial Level 3 or Level 4 library staff certification from the Library of Michigan completion of the Beginning Workshop course is obligatory. For more information on Library of Michigan's certification program visit the Library Staff Certification page. Participants do not have to notify LM of their completion of the course. LM regularly checks Niche for records of completion.

TIP! Those required to complete this course should create only one profile in the Niche system to complete the lessons. If you complete individual pieces under different logins you will not be able to complete the entire pathway and receive your certificate without taking the individual parts multiple times.

If you need to complete one or more of these to meet Library Staff Certification requirements, your certification application will be held until you are able to complete the content.

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The project is supported with funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.