Universal Service Fund USF (E-rate) Support Services through the Library of Michigan. Check this link for specific information.

The Library of Michigan is under a contract for E-Rate support for Michigan libraries. The current support model will provide all Michigan libraries access to the same E-Rate support services currently available to Michigan public schools. Those services are outlined below. 

Here are some things you can count on now:

Help Desk

  • This email address should be used as a go-to help desk for critical E-Rate questions: erate@michigan.gov.

PIA Support

During the E-Rate PIA process, E-Rate Central is available to assist the applicant (library personnel or the library's E-Rate consultant) with:

  • clarification should you not understand what PIA is requesting
  • guidance regarding a delay or complication with the PIA process or a PIA reviewer
  • assistance in the event your application funding is at risk

Please follow this guidance whenever dealing with PIA: 

  • Attempt to provide all responses to PIA clearly and concisely in writing (via email) with as little elaboration as necessary to answer PIA’s specific question(s)
  • Use caution when speaking with a PIA reviewer as both what you say may negatively impact your application
  • Notify PIA and request an extension in writing if you are unable to provide a complete response in the time PIA has allotted

Please use the help desk email to contact E-Rate Central for PIA issues: erate@michigan.gov.


USAC Schools & Libraries: www.usac.org/sl

USAC News Brief: http://usac.org/about/tools/publications/subscription-center.aspx (select the SL Program News Brief)

E-Rate Central: www.e-ratecentral.com

Applicant E-Rate History: http://e-ratecentral.com/us/stateInformation.asp?state=MI (enter applicant BEN in upper left)