Carl, the pine tree

  • Carl the Pine Tree

    Carl the Pine Tree


  • E-Rate

    A federal telecommunications discount program that brings money to local libraries.

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Financial Management

Library Law

  • Library Law

    Information about the Michigan laws that govern the state's libraries.

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Ploud (Public Libraries in the Cloud)

  • Ploud

    A website template and hosting solution for small and rural libraries subsidized with federal LSTA dollars.

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Public Library Cooperatives

Public Library Director's Manual

  • Public Library Director's Manual

    A comprehensive manual to running a public library in Michigan.

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QSAC (Quality Services Audit Checklist)

  • QSAC: Quality Services Audit Checklist

    Program information for librarians on the state program to develop a quality services checklist for public libraries.

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State Aid, Penal Fines, and PPT


  • Statistics

    Public, Co-op and BTBL Library Statistics with a link to the LibPas Annual Report/State Aid Application software

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Trustee Information

Valuing Your Library

  • Valuing Your Library

    ROI and value calculators so you can better determine the worth of your library's services.

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