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County Guides

  • County Guides

    The Michigan Collection contains a wealth of historical and contemporary resources specific to Michigan counties. They include books, maps, newspapers, government publications and more. A valuable resource for anyone needing accurate details for a Michigan location.

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Michigan Bibliographies

  • Michigan Bibliographies

    The Michigan Bibliographies are lists of materials of potential interest to Michigan researchers. Each bibliography is a set of edited content on chosen topics relevant to Michigan history, culture or exhibits housed on the Library of Michigan. 

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Michigan Digital Collections

  • Michigan Digital Collections

    The Michigan Digital Collection is composed of works traditionally housed in the Michigan Collection. Due to date of publication or copyright permission these items can be made available in digital format. Some items may only exist in digital format.

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Michigan Imprints 1851-1876

  • Michigan Imprints 1851-1876

    The American Imprints Inventory was conducted by the Work Projects Administration to identify materials that emanated from selected states. Michigan’s partial list, Preliminary Check List of Michigan Imprints, 1796-1850 was released in 1942.  Michigan Imprints, continues the work halted during WWII.

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