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Labor and Economic Opportunity
Policy and Program Guidance
  • Introduction

    Policy Issuances (PI) and program manuals are used to transmit Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity - Workforce Development  (WD) policy and operational guidance for federal and state employment and training programs administered by Michigan Works! Agencies throughout the State of Michigan.

    Policy Issuances

    Policy Issuances are identified and listed by a numerical sequence, XX-XX. The first two digits in the number sequence indicate the year in which the PI was published. The second two digits in the number sequence indicate the order in which the PI was issued for that year. For example, 12-01 was the first PI issued in 2012 and 12-02 was the second PI issued in that year. The year can be either a Program Year or Calendar Year. Beginning with PI 14-01, PIs will be numbered by the Calendar Year in which they are issued.

    Changes to a PI will be indicated by a "c" after the number sequence and the change number. For example, 12-01c1 is change 1 to PI 12-01. There can also be multiple changes to a PI; 12-01c5 is change 5 to PI 12-01. Typically the most recent change of the PI will be the only active version of the PI. However, some changes will remain active and build on each change. This is most commonly seen with PIs awarding funding.

    To ensure that the proper guidance is being used, refer to the "Rescissions" section of the PI. If the PI has rescinded prior versions or changes, the PI is typically the only active guidance on the subject matter. If the PI has not rescinded prior versions or changes, all versions and changes are usually needed to obtain the complete guidance on the subject matter of the PI.

    Program Manuals

    Program manuals are developed to provide a comprehensive guide for a specific program's administration. PIs that duplicate guidance contained or relocated to a program manual will be rescinded in favor of the manual. (Drop down to the Program manuals at the bottom of the page.)


    PIs and program manuals highlight federal and state requirements. The information provided is intended to aid grantees and subgrantees in administering applicable WD funded grants. It is not intended to unduly supplant or replace federal or state regulations or statutes. If in any instance the use of a WD PI or program manual appears to be in conflict with the rights and authorities given to WD under the regulations, such conflict must be resolved in favor of the applicable federal or state regulation.

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