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Labor and Economic Opportunity

MERC e-FILE and Forms


Welcome to the Revised MERC e-File Systemnow with added security features.

  1. Searches Only:  Use above Search Bar to find Cases, Parties, & Representatives.  No login required.
  1. Create and Submit a New Case:
  1. A simple verification step is required to access the Revised MERC e-File System’s filing tool.
  2. After initial signup, your registered email is needed to access the system for future filing.  (Your signup email and mobile number is only visible to authorized MERC staff.)
  3. When adding a Party and Representative to your new case,  first use the “Party or Rep Lookup” field to determine if the entity or person’s account is already stored in the system.  This saves time and avoids account duplication.  If  one is located, select it, and the Filing or Non-Filing party and Role, and SAVE.  The address and other details with fill in.  You can edit the record to add or change any details.   
  4. When you actually submit the new case, carefully read the Duplicate Check screen details to select an existing entity or representative to avoid creating an unnecessary duplicate account. The “Finished” indicator appears when the Duplicate checker process is complete.
  5. Here’s the link to file new MERC cases including verification step:  — Click here to e-FILE  (by Clicking here I agree to use the system in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined under the General Infomation link)   
  1. To Add Events and Documents to an Existing Pending Case:  
  1. A MILogin account is required.
  2. Use the above MiLogin tab to create a MiLogin account or access your existing MILogin account.
  3. Once into the MERC eFile system from your MiLogin account, use the My Cases tab in upper left section to locate the specific case you wish to add events and upload documents.
  1. Email Filing:  Alternatively,  materials can be emailed to the appropriate filing email address noted in the COVID-19 update memo on the home page of the MERC website
  2. Questions or Comments:   Email  

MERC e-File General Information  

MERC Forms