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Labor and Economic Opportunity

MIOSHA A to Z Topic Index

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1,3-Butadiene Standard, Compared to OSHA
300 Log Recordkeeping
Abatement Onsite Certificate of Abatement Form
About MIOSHA   
Abrasive Blasting   
Abrasive Wheels General Industry Standards: Part 1A & Part 26; Compared to OSHA, More Details 
Accident Prevention Signs and Tags  
Acrylonitrile Standard, Compared to OSHA
Act 154 MIOSH Act 154 of 1974
Administrative Rules   
Advisory Committees  
Aerial Work Platforms (Construction) Standard, Fact Sheet, Compared to OSHA, Operator Permit for Equipment (CET #0116C)
Aerial Work Platforms (General Industry) Standard, Operator Permit for Equipment (CET #0116C)
Agricultural Field Sanitation Standard, CET Publication 
Agriculture Standards, Publications, Part 700. Agriculture Standard 
Agricultural Operations  Standard, Agricultural Resources Page 
Agricultural Tractors   
Air Contaminants for
General Industry & Construction
Standards: Part 301 & Part 601, Fact Sheets, Information & Resources: Air Contaminants Initiative
Air Receivers Standard, Compared to OSHA
Ammonia see Storage and Handling of Anhydrous Ammonia 
Anhydrous Ammonia   
Appeals Division, Board of Health and Safety Compliance and Appeals Meetings, Brochure
Applicability of Standards in 29 CFR Part 1910   
Arsenic see Inorganic Arsenic
Asbestos (Construction) Standard, Program, Accreditation, Acts & Regulations, Publications, Training Courses, Compared to OSHA, Fact Sheet
Asbestos (General Industry) Standard, Program, Accreditation, Acts & Regulations, Publications, Training Courses, Compared to OSHA 
Assigned Protective Factors (APF)
Automotive Service Operations
Avian & Pandemic Influenza  
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Back Safety see Ergonomics Publications & Ergonomic Interpretations
Baking Operations Standard, Rule 3404 & Rule 5003 
Benzene Standard, Compared to OSHA
Beryllium MIOSHA's Air Contaminants webpage, OSHA's Final Rule on Beryllium webpage
Blasting & Use of Explosives Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details
Bloodborne Pathogens Publications, Interpretations, Standard, Training Program, Compared to OSHA, More Details Fact Sheet (doc / pdf), MIOSHA Requirements for Medical Offices
Brochures (MIOSHA Publications)  
Business Case for Safety Fact Sheet & Ben Franklin Card 
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Cadmium Standard, Fact Sheet, Compared to OSHA 
Caissons Standards: Safety / Health 
Calendar (Training) MIOSHA Training Calendar, Electronic Seminar & Workshop Catalog
Carbon Monoxide  
Carcinogens Standard, Compared to OSHA
Cards (MIOSHA Publications)  
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome see Ergonomics: Interpretations: GI / Const, Publications, Fact Sheet (doc / pdf)
CET Certification Information Professional Points and Credit  
CET Grant Program   
Chemical Information Manual   
Chemical Sampling Information see Chemical Information Manual
Chromium (VI) in Construction Standard, Fact Sheet
Chromium (VI) in General Industry Standard, Fact Sheet
Classes (Training)  
Cofferdams Standards: Safety / Health 
Coke Oven Emissions Standard, Compared to OSHA
Cold Stress see Temperature Extremes 
Combustible Liquids   
Commercial Diving see Part 504. Diving Operations
Commissions, Committees, and Public Hearings  
Communication Towers  
Complaints see How to File a Complaint with MIOSHA
Compliance Memos   
Compressed Air   

Compressed Gas Requirements

Standard, Compared to OSHA
Computer Workstations CET #0103 & CET #0104, Ergonomic Interpretations 
Concrete Construction Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details

Confined Space Entry

Standard: Safety / Health; Interpretations, Compared to OSHA, Occupational Health Handouts, Confined Spaces Resources
Construction Division, Standards: Safety / Health; Publications, Fact Sheets, & Interpretations 
Construction Tool Box Talks  
Consultant Directory CET Consultant Directory (CET #0106w)
Consultation Education & Training Division (CETD), Request for Service, & CET Services
Contacting MIOSHA   
Contracting Agent Compliance Assistance  
Contracting Agent Definition  
Contracting Agent Responsibilities  
Contractor/Employer Compliance Assistance  
Contractor/Employer Responsibilities  
Control Measures for Hazardous Atmospheres in Confined Spaces Standard, Compared to OSHA 
Control of Hazardous Energy Sources (Lockout/Tagout) Standard, Publications, Interpretations, Instruction


Cranes Publications, Standards: Overhead & Gantry, Crawler, Locomotive, & Truck, & Underhung Cranes & Monorail Systems, Interpretations
Crawler, Locomotive and Truck Cranes   
Cross-Citing Hazards  
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Demolition Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details
Derricks Standard, Compared to OSHA
Design Safety Standards for Electrical Systems Standard, Compared to OSHA, Fact Sheet: GFCI Requirements for General Industry (pdf / doc)
Die Casting   
Diesel Exhaust  
Dipping and Coating Operations  
Directions to MIOSHA  
Discrimination Employee Discrimination Rights, Employee Discrimination Section, Discrimination Complaint Form 
Diving Operations (Construction) Standard, Compared to OSHA: Safety / Health; More Details 
Diving Operations (General Industry) Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details 
Doctors/Dentist Office Checklist (CET-5952), Starter KitYouTube Video
Dry Cleaning   
Dust see Fact Sheet: Crystalline Silica Exposure in Const and GI
DVD/Video Loan Library Service  
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Electrical Standards: Part 17. Electrical Installations, Part 39. Design Safety Standards for Electrical Systems, Part 40. Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices, Part 86. Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution; Interpretations 
Electrical Installations Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details
Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution  
Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details 
Electroplating - Automated Hoist/Transfer Systems Fact Sheet  
E-Mail Correspondence Forms General Industry Safety & Health Topics & Construction Safety & Health Topics 
Electronic Seminar & Workshop Catalog  
Emergency Management Plan   
Emergency Planning  
Emergency Response   
Employee Injury/Illness Incident Report Form  
Employee Medical Records & Trade Secrets Standard, Instruction, Compared to OSHA 
eNews see MIOSHA eNews
Enforcement & Appeals Overview Brochure  
Ergonomics (Human Factors Engineering) Interpretations: GI / Const; Publications, Fact Sheets: GI / Const 
Ethylene Oxide Standard, Compared to OSHA
Excavation, Trenching & Shoring Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details, Fact Sheet, Local Emphasis webpage
Exits see Fire Exits 
Explosives & Blasting Agents Standard, Compared to OSHA
Extension Onsite Extension Request Form
Extreme Safety (Youth Initiative)   
Eye and face protection Standards: Safety / Health; Publications
Eyewash/Shower Facilities Instruction, Interpretations, Fact Sheet; Medical Services & First Aid: Instruction, Interpretations, Standard
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Fact Sheets   
Fall Protection Standard, Publications, Interpretations: GI / Const, Residential Fall Protection Compliance Criteria (COM-04-1R3), Fall Prevention SEP (MIOSHA-COM-17-2R2), Falls Fact Sheet, Compared to OSHA, Initiative, Fall Threshold Chart: GI / Const, Highlights of the Fall Protection Standard (pdf / doc), Construction Tool Box Talks: Guardrails for Fall Protection & Personal Fall Arrest Systems
Farm & Field Equipment   

Fatality Information: 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013; Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, Program-Related Fatality Data, Focus Four Fatalities in Construction Tool Box Talk

Federal OSHA   
Field Operations Manual (FOM)  2020 FOM, 2020 FOM Instruction with Significant Changes, 2020 FOM with Changes Highlighted
Fire Brigades   
Fire Exits Standard, Compared to OSHA
Fire Extinguishers see Portable Fire Extinguishers
Fire Fighting Standard, Interpretations
Fire Protection and Prevention Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details
Fire Safety CET Publications, see also Bureau of Fire Services 
Fixed Fire Equipment  
Fixed and Portable Ladders (Construction) Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details, Fact Sheet
Fixed Ladders (General Industry) see Part 2. Walking-Working Surfaces
Flammable and Combustible Liquids Standard, Compared to OSHA
Floor & Wall Openings, Stairways & Skylights Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details 
First Aid FAQ's, see also Medical Services and First Aid
Food Consumption and Handling   
Foot Protection PPE Standards: Safety / Health; Publications,
Forklifts (Powered Industrial Trucks) Standard, Interpretations: GI / Const; Publications 
Formaldehyde Standard, Compared to OSHA, CET Publications 
Forms (MIOSHA Publications)  
FREE Consultation   
Freedom of Information (FOIA)  
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)   
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Gas Drilling   
General Industry Division, Standards: Safety / Health; Publications, Fact Sheets, & Interpretations 
General Provisions Standard, Compared to OSHA 
General Requirements In: Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Mills; Textiles; Bakery Equipment; Sawmills; Pulpwood Logging   
General Rules Standard, Interpretations, Construction Safety & Health Management System, Jobsite Safety Review, Compared to OSHA, More Details 
Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)  
Gloves PPE Standards: Safety / Health; Publications
Grain Handling Facilities Standard, Compared to OSHA, and August 24, 2010 - Letter to Employers 
Grant Program CET Grant Program
Grinding, Polishing and Buffing   
Groundskeeping Equipment see Powered Groundskeeping Equipment 
Guarding of Walking & Working Areas Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details
Guards for Power Transmission  
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Hand and Portable Powered Tools   
Handling and Storage of Materials Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details, Standard Interpretations 
Hand Protection   
Hard hats PPE Standards: Safety / Health; Publications
Hazard Communication / GHS Training  
Hazardous Drugs Fact Sheet, Training Module 1 and Training Module 2
Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response - HAZWOPER Instruction, Standard, Assessment Tool 
Hazardous Work in Laboratories   
HBV and HIV   
Headache Ball   
Head Protection PPE Standards: Safety / Health; Publications
Health Hazard Control for Specific Equipment and Operations Standard, Compared to OSHA 
Health Hazards in the Nail Salon Industry PowerPoint Handouts: English & Vietnamese
Hearings see Commissions, Committees, and Public Hearings 
Hearing Protection see Noise Standards: GI / Const; Instruction, Interpretations: GI / Const
Heat Stress  
Helicopters Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details 
Hexavalent Chromium (Construction) Standard, Fact Sheet
Hexavalent Chromium (General Industry) Standard, Instruction, Fact Sheet
Holes Construction Part 45. Fall Protection Safety Standard, Holes on the Job Site Tool Box Talk
Housekeeping General Industry Part 1. General Provisions Safety Standard, Construction Part 1. General Rules Safety Standard, Housekeeping Tool Box Talk
How to File a Complaint with MIOSHA  
Human Factors Engineering (Ergonomics) Interpretations: GI / Const; Publications, Fact Sheets: GI / Const 
The Hunt Study   
Hydraulic Power Presses Standard
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Ionizing Radiation   
Incidence Rates   
Influenza Seasonal Influenza Information 
Injury/Illness Analysis & Cost Estimation (HO-44)  
Injury & Illness Statistics   
Inorganic Arsenic Standard, Compared to OSHA
Inspections & Investigations, Citations & Proposed Penalties   
Interpretations of MIOSHA Standards Ask MIOSHA Interpretations: GI / Const; Policies & Procedures 
Isocyanates Standard Interpretations, CET Publication, Follow Up Letter for Spray-on Truck-bed Liners
Job Safety Analysis (SP #32)   
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Laboratory and Equipment Services Section (LESS)   
Ladders Publications, Portable Ladders Tool Box Talk, Part 2. Walking-Working Surfaces
Landscape & Horticultural Services Fact Sheet: doc / pdf
Lasers Standard, Standard Interpretation, Industrial Laser Compliance Guide (SP #39) 
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Machinery and Operations   
Lead Standard, Publications, Compared to OSHA 
Lead Exposure in Construction Standard, Fact Sheet
Lifting Interpretations: GI / Const; Publications
Lifting & Digging Equipment Standard, Fact Sheets: Aerial Cranes, Quick Coupler, Steel Erection; Annual Inspection Reports: Excavators-Backhoes, Cranes
Liquefied Petroleum Gasses  
Local Building Officials - Top Hazardous Conditions for Referral to MIOSHA  
Lockout/Tagout Part 85 Standard, Publications, Interpretations, LO/TO Compliance Guide (SP #27), and OSHA Instruction (CPL 02-00-147); Plastic Molding Fact Sheet, FAQ's, and Part 62 Standard
Log 300 (MIOSHA Log 300 Form)  
Logging Standard, Rule 3506 & Rule 5006 
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Machine Guarding Interpretations
Manlifts Standard, Compared to OSHA
Manual Handling of Materials   
Manuals Powered Industrial Trucks (Under Revision), Cranes, Field Operations 
Marijuana Industry Potential Health and Safety Hazards Fact Sheet
Employer Training:
Module 1 - Getting Started
Module 2 - Overview of Selected MIOSHA Standards
Masonry Wall Bracing Standard and Compared to OSHA
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) see Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
Mechanical Power Presses  
Media Releases see Press Releases 
Medical Offices Doctors/Dental Office Checklist
Medical Records Standard, Compared to OSHA, Instruction 
Medical Services and First Aid Standard, Interpretations, Publications Agency Instructions: Eyewash/Shower Equipment, Medical Services and First Aid for GI and Const 
Metalworking Machinery  
Methylene Chloride Standard, Compared to OSHA
Methylenedianiline (MDA) Standard, Compared to OSHA 
Michigan Challenge Program (MCP)   
Michigan Disability Prevention Study Research Highlights   
Michigan Safety Conference 2019 MIOSHA PPT Handouts
Migrant Labor Camps   
Mills and Calendars for Rubber and Plastic   
MIOSH Act 154 of 1974   
MIOSHA Mission, Visions, & Values (pdf / doc)  
MIOSHA News & eNews   
MIOSHA Publications   
MIOSHA Regulations see Standards & Legislation 
MIOSHA Services   
MIOSHA Standards   
MIOSHA Training Institute (MTI) MTI Informational Page, Training Calendar, Certificate Program Requirements (CET #0160), CET Certification Information Professional Points and Credits, Scholarship Application
MIOSHA Workplace Improvement to Safety and Health (MIWISH) Grant Program  
MIOSHA Workplace Posters  
Mobile Equipment Standard, Compared to OSHA, Fact Sheets: Struck-By & Fork Trucks; Operator Permit for Equipment (CET #0116C)
Motor Vehicles   
MSHARP (Michigan Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program)
Multi-Employer Work Sites   
MVPP (Michigan Voluntary Protection Program)
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NAICS - North American Industry Classification System   
Needle stick see Bloodborne Infectious Diseases
News Releases see Press Releases 
Nitrous Oxide   
Noise and Hearing Conservation Standards: GI / Const; Instruction; Interpretations: GI / Const
Nonionizing Radiation Standard, Compared to OSHA 
Nurseries see Agriculture
Nursing and Residential Care Facility Checklist  
Occupational Disease Reporting Director's Letter and Instructions; Online Forms: Occupational Diseases; Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (Work-Related)
Occupational Health Standards: General Industry / Construction; Publications
Occupational Noise Exposure (Construction) Standard, Fact Sheet, Compared to OSHA, Interpretations
Occupational Noise Exposure & Hearing Conservation (General Industry) Standard, Instruction, Publications, Interpretations 
Oil and Gas Drilling Servicing Operations   
Onsite Consultation Forms Certificate of Abatement and Extension Request Form
Open Surface Tanks Standard, Rule 3303 
Overhead and Gantry Cranes Standard, Publications
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Pandemic Influenza see Influenza or Seasonal Influenza Information
Perception Survey  
Permit-Required Confined Spaces Standard, Instruction, Publications, Compared to OSHA 
Personal Protective Equipment (Construction) Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details, Interpretations 
Personal Protective Equipment (General Industry) Standards: Safety / Health; Publications, Interpretations, PPE for GI (SP #16), PPE Hazard Assessment Certification
Personal Protective Equipment In: Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Mills; Textile Operations; Sawmills; Pulpwood Logging   
Personnel Hoisting in Steel Erection Standard, Compared to OSHA 
Pile Driving Equipment   
Platforms Standards: General Industry / Construction 
Plastic Molding  Fact Sheet, FAQ's, & Standard
Policies and Procedures   
Polishing, Buffing and Abrading  
Portable Fire Extinguishers Standard, Compared to OSHA
Portable Ladders see Part 2. Walking-Working Surfaces
Portable Powered Tools   
Posters (MIOSHA Publications) MIOSHA Workplace Posters, Poster List
Powered Groundskeeping Equipment   
PowerPoint Presentations MIOSHA Bloodborne Infectious Diseases Online Training Program, Arborist Operations, MIOSHA Compliance & Safety 
Power Presses Standards: Hydraulic / Mechanical
Powered Groundskeeping Equipment   
Powered Industrial Trucks (Forklifts) Publications, Standard, Interpretations: GI / Const
Power Transmission & Distribution Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details
Presses Standards: Hydraulic / Mechanical 
Press Releases   
Preventing Exposure to Hazardous Drugs Fact Sheet & PowerPoint
Procedures of the Board of Compliance & Appeals   
Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals Standard, Compared to OSHA
Progress of Revisions to MIOSHA Rules Due To The Workplace Safety Advisory Committee's Recommendations  
Publications, Posters, Forms & Media   
Public Hearings see Commissions, Committees, and Public Hearings
Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Mills Standard, Rules: 3303, 3402, 3503, 5001 
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Radial saws see Machine Guarding
Radiation GI Standards: Ionizing & Non-Ionizing; Const Standard: Radiation in Construction: Ionizing and Nonionizing 
Recognition Programs   
Recording and Reporting of Occupational Injuries & Illnesses

Standard, Recordkeeping Page, Standard Interpretations: GI / Const; Recordkeeping Q & A, Instruction, Employee Injury/Illness Incident Report Form

Recordkeeping & Statistics   
Refuse Packer Units  
Reporting Requirement for Known or Suspected Occupational Disease Instructions, Form, Online Forms: Occupational Diseases and Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (Work-Related)
Request for Consultative Assistance  
Residential Construction  
Respiratory Protection Standard, Interpretations, August 26, 2006, Amendment, MIOSHA Tuberculosis Guidelines, Publications, Respirator Medical Questionnaire en Español, Standard Interpretation 
Restaurant Safety for Teen Workers Fact Sheet (doc / pdf)
Rigging Column Setting Using Proper Rigging Fact Sheet
Right to Know/Hazard Communication/Retention of DOT Markings, Placards & Labels Standard, Interpretations: GI / Const; Compared to OSHA, More Details, Instruction, Posters, Sample Written Program (CET #5530), RTK Hazard Communication Compliance Guideline (SP #22) 
Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS)   
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Safety Data Sheets (SDS) SDS Location Poster, SDS New & Revised Poster, see also the Right to Know (RTK)/Hazard Communication Standard 
Safety & Health Management System Publications, Fact Sheet (doc / pdf)
Safety Pays Fact Sheet & Ben Franklin Card 
Sample Plans & Special Programs   
Sanitation Standard, Interpretation
Sawmills Standard, Rules: 3406, 3505, & 5005
Scaffolding (General Industry) Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details
Scaffolds & Scaffold Platforms (Construction) Standard, Interpretations, Compared to OSHA, More Details, Operator Permit for Equipment (CET #0116C), Fact Sheets: Fork Trucks & Work Platform. Tool Box Talks: Rough Terrain Fork Truck Scaffolds & Scaffolding Basics
Scissor Lifts see Powered Industrial Trucks 
Services & Programs see CET Services 
Sharps see Bloodborne Infectious Diseases
Signals, Signs, Tags, & Barricades Standards: Part 22 & Part 37; Compared to OSHA, More Details, Local Tech. Assistance Program

Standards: Part 590 & Part 690; Silica Outreach Training PPT & Sample Written Silica Exposure Control Plan

Spanish Publications   
Special Programs (SPs)   
Specifications for Accident Prevention Signs and Tags  
Specific Operations and Special Industries   
Spray Finishing Using Flammable and Combustible Materials  
Standards Index/Order FormMIOSHA Standards 
Standards Interpretations Ask MIOSHA: GI / Const; Policies & Procedures Search 
Standards Progress Table  
Statistics & Data   
Steel Erection Standard, Fact Sheets: Steel Erection & Fall Protection, Proper Rigging; Slip Resistance Memo, Compared to OSHA, Standard Interpretation 
Stickers (MIOSHA Publications)  
Storage and Handling of Anhydrous Ammonia Standard, Compared to OSHA
Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gases Standard, Compared to OSHA 
Strategic Plan & Initiatives  Goals for FY 2019-2023
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Take A Stand Day's  2020 Take A Stand Day
Tar Kettles Standard, Compared to OSHA
Teen Workers (Young Worker Initiative)  
Telecommunications (Construction) Standard, Compared to OSHA, Implementation Strategy
Telecommunications (General Industry) Standard, Compared to OSHA, Implementation Strategy
Temporary Labor Camps  
Temporary Worker Initiative  
Textiles Standard, Rules: 3403, 3504, & 5002; Compared to OSHA
Tool Box Talks  
Tools Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details
Trade Secrets   
Training Calendar, Request for Consultative Assistance, Fact Sheet (doc / pdf), Electronic Seminar & Workshop Catalog
Training Grants   
Tree Trimming and Removal  
Tree Trimming Initiative   
Tuberculosis Publications, Instruction, Interpretation 
Tunnels, Shafts, Cofferdams, & Caissons Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details
Underground Construction, Caissons, Cofferdams, and Compressed Air Standard, Compared to OSHA 
Underhung Cranes & Monorail Systems   
US Department of Labor (USDOL)   
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Variances MIOSHA Variances, Procedures, Standard 
Vehicle-Mounted Elevating & Rotating Work Platforms Standards: General Industry / Construction, Equipment Operator Permit
Vehicle Servicing   
Ventilation Control Standard, Publications 
Ventilation Control for Construction Standard, Compared to OSHA 
Ventilation Controls-- Applicability; Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Mills (covered by R5001); Textiles; Bakery Equipment; Sawmills Standard, Occupational Heath Publications 
Video Loan Library Service   
Vinyl Chloride  
Violence in the Workplace Agency Instruction, Interpretations
Voluntary Protection Program (MVPP)   
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Walking-Working Surfaces Standard, Compared to OSHA, Comparison to Previous Standard
Wall Bracing   
Wall Openings  
Washing Facilities   
Water Supplies   
Website Redirects  
Welding and Cutting (Construction) Standard, Compared to OSHA, More Details
Welding and Cutting (General Industry)  
Welding, Cutting and Brazing   
Winter Worker  
Woodworking Machinery  
Working Day Calendar 20192020, 2021, and 2022
Workplace Posters  
Workplace Violence Agency Instruction, Interpretations 
Young Worker Initiative