Stone Moroko

stone moroko

(Pseudorasbora parva)
*Not detected in Michigan*
Prohibited in Michigan

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  • Yellowish-green to silver body color
  • Approximately 8 cm long
  • Superior and transverse mouth
  • Pale yellow fins, dorsal fin has darker stripe
  • Young individuals have a dark stripe along the side

stone moroko
By Seotaro, (cleaned up and denoised by Estrilda, and edited by Laitche CC BY-SA 3.0

Habitat: Prefer well vegetated ponds, small lakes, and small channels

Diet: Small insects, plant material, fish, fish eggs, and planktonic crustaceans

Native Range: East Asia

Local Concern: Stone moroko compete with farmed fish species for food, consume native juvenile fishes, act as a vector for infectious fish diseases, and contribute to eutrophic conditions.

Potential Means of Introduction: Aquaculture release


Stone Moroko Invasive Species Alert (printable PDF)