Heath Snail

Heath Snail

(Xerolenta obvia)
*Detected in Michigan*

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  • Chalky white colored shell with dark spiral bands
  • Flattened shell shape with relatively large umbilicus (hole on in the center of the shell’s underside in some species)
  • Aperture (opening) of the shell is oval

heath snails
Ross Mayhew Schooner Specimen Shells Bugwood.org

Diet: In Southern Germany, heath snails feed on fodder crops (e.g., clover, sainfoin, lupine, alfalfa, serradella).

Habitat: Heath snails predominantly inhabit open, dry habitats such as dunes, sand hills, open meadows, and rocky hillsides.

Native Range: Areas of Southeastern Europe

Local Concern: Heath snails infest a wide variety of plant species including grapes, peas, beans, and other agricultural crops.


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