Michigan Environmental Health and Drinking Water Information System (MiEHDWIS)


The first release of MiEHDWIS, nicknamed Eddy, launched in September 2020 - kicking off a multi-year project to modernize many of Drinking Water and Environmental Health Division's existing permitting, licensing, and compliance information systems into one web-based application. The goal of MiEHDWIS is to streamline communication between Michigan's public drinking water supplies and the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), increase data transparency and, in future releases, facilitate collaboration between EGLE and local health department staff supporting environmental health programs. Many MiEHDWIS features will eventually be available to regulated entities (campgrounds, public swimming pools, public water supplies, etc.), such as applying for permits or licenses and uploading reports and documentation.


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Environmental Assistance Center 1-800-662-9278
Email: EGLE-MiEHDWIS@Michigan.gov

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Who Should Register for a MiEHDWIS Account?

  • Campground owners can upload applications and supporting documentation.
  • Septage haulers can upload documents, such as applications from septage businesses, operating plan amendments from septage waste facilities, and other supporting documentation.
  • Public water supplies will have various features rolled out in late summer to early fall 2021.
  • Swimming pool owners/operators will launch late summer 2021.
  • Engineering contractors will have the ability to submit applications and communicate with DWEHD staff as program areas roll out.
  • Local health department staff can upload various reports to the campground and septage programs and will have more functionality and improved communications with DWEHD staff as MiEHDWIS releases more functionality to other program areas.
  • Local health department staff can also submit OWM Requests and Training Requests to the Onsite Wastewater Management (OWM) program.

How Do I Request Permissions?

MiEHDWIS is utilizing the State of Michigan's MILogin identity management solution.

  • MILogin for Third Party account should only be used for those that use a work or business email and/or phone number.
  • MILogin for Citizens account should only be used for those that associate their personal email and/or phone number with their work.

After signing up for a MILogin account, users will be able to request access to MiEHDWIS. Please follow the links below for guidance.

Note: Do not create a new MILogin account if you already created one for another use. You can add MiEHDWIS to your existing MILogin account.

Information for Local Health Departments

Local health department staff can upload various reports to the campground and septage programs, as well as submit requests to the onsite wastewater management program. 

Local health department staff must sign up for a MILogin for Third Party account in order to request access to MiEHDWIS. Please view the information below for more guidance.