Groundwater Permit Application Forms & Technical Information

The issuance of a Groundwater Discharge Permit does not authorize violation of any federal, state or local laws or regulations, nor does it obviate the necessity of obtaining such permits, including any other EGLE permits, or approvals from other units of government as may be required by law.

Guidesheet II: Guidance For the Development of A Discharge Management Plan has been modified to include additional information. Those facilities and/or consultants developing a management plan for a rapid infiltration system should refer to the additional information on page K-3 in the K Appendix: Example DMP for Rapid Infiltration System.

Application Information

The following information is now incorporated into MiWaters.  Please check out our new web-based permitting and compliance database.

  • Permit By Rule Notification: Rule 323.2211
  • Permit By Rule Notification w/ Department Certification: Rule 323.2213
  • General Permit: Rule 323.2215
  • Permit for Specific Discharge: Rule 323.2216
  • Site Specific Authorization: Rule 323.2210(y)
  • Discharge Permits: Rule 323.2218

Additional Information:


Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) Information

General Information

Annual DMR for 2211(a) and 2215-1 Permits

General Permits

Groundwater Discharge General Permit Categories

General Technical Information

Groundwater Effluent Parameters and Detection Limits

Restrictive Covenant Running with the Land

Easement for Wastewater to Flow Under Property

Part 41

Wastewater System Construction Permits