ANC Program Staff

Telephone Coverage for the Aquatic Nuisance Control Program

Office telephone coverage will be between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Please use the telephone rotation schedule unless your call is related to an issue you have been addressing with a specific staff member. If necessary, leave a voice mail message for the person covering the telephones for that day; returning your call is his/her top priority for the day. EGLE's Aquatic Nuisance Control main telephone number is 517-284-5593.

If changes to the schedule are necessary, the voice mail of the scheduled person will direct callers to the appropriate alternate staff person.

General e-mail address: The e-mail address should be used as you would the telephone rotation schedule. The person covering telephones on a given day will also be checking the e-mail, and is responsible for responding to you.



Phone Number

E-Mail Address

Christine Alexander

Permits Section Manager


Amanda Bosak

Unit Supervisor


Kendra Preston  Unit Secretary 517-245-2090

Eric Bacon

Monday Coverage


Lisa Huberty

Tuesday Coverage


Mark Huffsmith

Wednesday Coverage


Ryan Crouch

Thursday Coverage


Doyle Brunsen

Friday Coverage