Well Complaints

Usually the water well work will be completed satisfactorily. However, if you feel that you've been treated unfairly, the work was not performed satisfactorily, or you didn't get what you paid for, discuss your concerns with the contractor. Often when you bring your problem to the attention of the business, you will find them willing to listen to your complaint and eager to settle it to your satisfaction. When you talk to the well drilling contractor, remember:

  • Be calm and courteous.
  • Explain the problem accurately and state how you think it should be handled. If your attempt to resolve the problem fails, you may file a written complaint with the local health department. You may wish to advise the contractor that you intend to file a complaint.


How to file a complaint:

A complaint form can be obtained by contacting your local health department. If your complaint involves violation of the well construction code, it is within the health department's authority and an investigation will be made. The health department will assist in getting the defect corrected. There are certain types of complaints where the health department has no power to investigate or mediate. These include complaints about:

  • pricing or "overcharging" 
  • product warranties
  • contractual disputes