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Welcome to RenewMI, your place to find information on many of the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy's (EGLE) active state-funded environmental remediation projects, as well as a few non-state funded remediation sites of interest.

Environmental remediation are actions taken necessary to protect public health and the environment. These actions might consist of removing, treating, covering soils or treating groundwater contaminated with harmful chemicals, or by simply controlling the risks from these harmful chemicals through property use restrictions. State law provides many tools to accomplish these actions, which depend on the nature of the risk to public health and the environment; whether the site can be redeveloped; and, for sites without a liable party, the amount of state funds available.

Click the map icon above for additional information about projects in progress in your area or use the quick links at the top of the page for EGLE's most frequently visited projects. The map will continue to be updated as project information is available. For more information, please contact 517-242-9276 or