$1 million awarded to increase high-speed internet access across Michigan


April 13, 2021
Caleb Buhs, buhsc@michigan.gov or 517-282-6018

LANSING, Mich. – The Department of Technology, Management & Budget (DTMB) today announced an additional $1 million in funding from the Connecting Michigan Communities (CMIC) grant program. The funds will go towards projects that will expand broadband infrastructure across Michigan and provide access to high-speed internet for residents and businesses to compete in today’s digital society.

“With this critical investment through the CMIC grant program, we will expand broadband internet access to 1,300 locations,” said Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist II. “Increasingly, broadband access is a necessity for work, school, and daily life, and we must ensure that all Michiganders have access to reliable, affordable internet. I am proud of this program that will increase access for families and better connect people, communities, and businesses across Michigan.” 

The CMIC grant program was established to extend broadband service to unserved areas in Michigan and help close the digital divide. This is the second round of awards. The $1 million grant funding was awarded to four projects across the state and will impact 1,300 locations. The overall economic benefits from these infrastructure initiatives are estimated to reach up to $2.9 million annually.

The first round of CMIC grant funds were announced in October 2020, with $11.9 million awarded to 10 projects. Overall, the total grant funds awarded so far will impact more than 12,000 locations in Michigan and generate annual economic benefits that could exceed $25 million.

All projects awarded funding have committed to closing the digital divide and providing digital literacy training materials to residents and businesses in their proposed service area, while working with local community and anchor institutions and foundations to host events to promote e-learning, job, and workforce training.

A full list of the CMIC grant awards can be accessed on the CMIC website, along with information about future grant awards. A third round of projects are currently under public review, with DTMB accepting comment or objections concerning each project through May 5, 2021.