6/2/2019 - 6/15/2019

Law Enforcement Division, Bi-Weekly Report


Sergeant (Sgt.) Brian Bacon and Conservation Officers (COs) Jared Ferguson, Ariel Corr, Anna Viau, and other Department of Natural Resources (DNR) staff members from Fire, Wildlife, Fisheries, and Forestry participated in a DNR field day for local third grade students. The students had an opportunity to learn about the responsibilities of several different divisions of the DNR. The officers discussed the day-to-day duties of a conservation officer and several important recreation safety topics for Off-Road Vehicles (ORVs) and boats. Around 140 students participated in the field day.

After checking out of service from a long day of marine and ORV patrol, CO Anna Viau heard radio traffic about a fatal boating accident that occurred on a body of water known for its heavy recreational use. CO Viau assisted other local law enforcement with the rescue and recovery of other parties and equipment throughout the night and into the next day. The accident investigation is ongoing.

While checking anglers at a rural lake, CO Anna Viau heard radio traffic of an individual brandishing and threatening people with a firearm in a nearby town. CO Viau assisted other local law enforcement in securing the scene and clearing the suspect’s residence. The situation was concluded without incident and the investigation is ongoing.

COs Josh Boudreaux and John Kamps assisted with the search for a missing male subject in Forsyth Township. The subject had not returned to camp and was without his necessary medical supplies. Multiple resources from across the area assisted with the search. The individual was discovered deceased several days later by a group of kayakers on the Escanaba River.

CO Anna Viau gave a presentation about aquatic invasive species to the Iron County Lakes and Streams Partnership. Included in her presentation were discussions about current and potential invasive species in Upper Peninsula waters. Many of the attendees live on local waterways and were excited to share the information they gathered with their neighbors.

CO Ariel Corr was at the Norway Field Office when she heard screeching tires and crumpling metal. CO Corr was first on the scene to a single vehicle accident across the street. No one was injured and the driver explained that he had been cut off and narrowly avoided colliding with the car that had done so and, because of this, jumped the curb and knocked down a light pole. Local city police responded.

CO Josh Boudreaux assisted with the search for an individual who was suicidal and reportedly shot himself in his truck somewhere in Marquette County. CO Boudreaux and a Marquette County Sheriff’s deputy responded to individual’s residence where they talked to family members and tried to gather information regarding locations he might visit. A cell phone ping got the officers moving in the right direction toward Champion. The officers were able to track down the vehicle that was driving erratically at high rates of speed and conducted a traffic stop. After removing the driver from the vehicle, he was treated for a self-inflicted gunshot wound and transported to the hospital in Marquette.


CO Cole VanOosten and Cpl. Kevin Postma responded to a complaint of an unmarked net in Lake Superior. The officers responded to the area where the net had been reported and found the unmarked net by locating a personal floating device (PFD) that the complainants had tied to it. The officers were able to remove the net which contained over 300 dead and rotting fish.

CO Colton Gelinas and Cpl. Kevin Postma were on marine patrol on Lake Huron when they located an abandoned trap net. The COs documented the coordinates of the location of the net and turned the coordinates over to a contractor to assist in removing the large trap net.

CO Justin Vinson was patrolling Luce County when he observed two people operating ATVs on a state highway. Along with being on the highway, both riders were without helmets and operating unregistered ORVs. Officer Vinson stopped the pair, who had just gone through the McDonalds drive thru, and were continuing their trip down the highway. The individuals were issued citations for the violations.

CO Michael Evink was conducting a night patrol near Indian Lake State Park. CO Evink observed a truck pulling a small boat trailer that did not have any trailer lights. CO Evink conducted a traffic stop. The driver of the truck had a felony warrant out of the local police department. CO Evink arrested and lodged the driver at the Schoolcraft County jail.

CO Mark Zitnik was dispatched to an ORV accident near his location when ending his shift. When CO Zitnik located the group of ORV riders, he noticed that the injured rider had sustained a compound fracture to his lower extremity and was bleeding heavily. The rider’s two friends had fashioned a homemade splint and tied two tourniquets. The CO ultimately needed to re-apply a tourniquet since the makeshift tourniquets were not adequately reducing the blood flow. The CO led EMS to the location, where they rendered first aid, then transported the injured rider to the hospital.

CO Mark Zitnik was driving up Wetmore Hill on M-28 when he was passed by a pickup truck going 70 plus miles per hour (mph) in a 55-mph speed zone. The CO activated his emergency lights and siren, but the vehicle did not pull over. The CO followed the vehicle for over a mile and a half before the truck eventually pulled over. At this time, the driver told CO Zitnik, “You’re not a police officer, you’re a Do Not Resuscitate,” as a response to why he had not pulled over when signaled. The driver was issued a citation for speeding and, at the conclusion of the contact, understood that conservation officers are licensed peace officers.

CO Steve Butzin was on patrol when a vehicle pulled in front of him and traveled at a slow rate of speed. CO Butzin followed the vehicle for a short distance, observing the vehicle make several odd turns, attempting to get out from in front of the officer. CO Butzin ran the license plate on the vehicle which came back no record. CO Butzin contacted the individual, who was determined to be operating a motor vehicle while impaired. The operator of the vehicle also did not have a valid driver’s license, insurance, or registration. Further investigation found that the operator had four prior Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) charges. The operator was arrested and lodged at the Delta County jail.

CO Robert Freeborn served a warrant on a subject for a tagging violation on a turkey. The subject ended up pleading guilty and paid $610 in fines/costs and lost his hunting privileges for two years.

While on patrol, CO Robert Freeborn overheard local dispatch send EMS to a remote location where a subject was pinned under a fallen tree and his condition was unknown. CO Freeborn was familiar with the location and was only a few miles away at the time and responded. Arriving first on scene, CO Freeborn advised the responding units of the exact location. CO Freeborn, along with a neighboring camper, were able to cut and clear the portion of the tree that was pinning the male subject. Once the subject was accessible, CO Freeborn performed first aid on the subject who had a large laceration on the top of his head and a possible broken shoulder. Once the bleeding was under control, CO Freeborn continued to stabilize the patient until EMS arrived. Due to the remote location and severity of his injuries, the patient was airlifted to the hospital.

COs Chris Lynch and Steve Butzin were on patrol when they checked a subject fishing who CO Lynch had arrested twice before. The COs knew the subject had a suspended driver’s license and a short time later they observed the subject driving. A traffic stop was conducted, and the subject was arrested for a third time by CO Lynch and lodged in the Delta County jail. This is the subject’s tenth violation with the department.

COs Breanna Reed and Mike Evink attended Camp Seven’s Kids Fishing Day. The COs brought a fur kit which allowed the kids to have hands-on experience. Over 300 adults and kids attended Kids Day.


CO Ethen Mapes attended a kids fishing tournament at Young State Park in Boyne City. Toddlers, teens, and adults enjoyed catching pan fish, bass, and a few catfish in the stocked pond throughout the morning. CO Mapes and park staff assisted the young anglers in tying and baiting hooks as well as measuring and releasing fish.

CO Ethen Mapes was patrolling the Boyne Falls area when he saw a side-by-side traveling at a high rate of speed down a county road. CO Mapes conducted a traffic stop on the driver who stated that he was just out for a Father’s Day ride with his wife and two young kids. CO Mapes could smell the odor of intoxicating liquors coming from the driver. CO Mapes had him perform standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs). After SFSTs, the man was given a preliminary breath test which confirmed CO Mapes’ suspicions. The driver was over twice the legal limit and was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with a high blood alcohol level. The driver was lodged at the Charlevoix County jail for OWI and several other charges are being sought.

CO Ethen Mapes was on patrol when an ambulance and EMS were dispatched to a residence of an elderly male who had fallen in his bathroom and was unresponsive. CO Mapes responded to the location to assist medical personal extract the man from the bathroom and load him into the ambulance.

CO Tim Rosochacki assisted the Cheboygan County Sheriff’s Department in arresting a subject who had reportedly waved a knife in a threatening manner at subjects near a gas station in Cheboygan County. Upon the arrival of the deputy, the suspect took off on foot. A foot pursuit ensued by the deputy who caught the suspect with the aid of the CO. The Cheboygan County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the case.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling Montmorency County when a call came over the radio about a female that was just involved in an ORV accident on private property in Albert Township. CO Liestenfeltz responded to the scene, along with Michigan State Police (MSP) and Montmorency County Sheriff’s Department. It was determined that the victim was operating a quad with no helmet on. As she came around a corner, she lost control making her front tire catch the bottom of a tree. The victim was sent over the handlebars, hitting her head on a parked vehicle nearby. The young female was pronounced dead on the scene.


While returning from a Belle Isle shift in heavy rains just after midnight, Sgt. Dan Bigger came upon a vehicle pulling a large trailer without lights. The trailer was larger than the vehicle making it difficult to see given the weather, time of day, and lack of functioning lights. Sgt. Bigger made a traffic stop to advise the operator of the light issue. Upon contact with the driver, Sgt. Bigger discovered that he had no license and was currently suspended. Sgt. Bigger asked the passenger if they had a license to operate the vehicle. The passenger provided Sgt. Bigger with a license and, upon verifying she was valid, Sgt. Bigger found that she had two outstanding warrants for her arrest. The arrest warrants were verified but the agency was not able to pick her up on the warrants, Sgt. Bigger explained to the passenger how to take care of the warrants. Sgt. Bigger issued the driver a citation for the equipment violation and he was lodged for operating on a suspended license.

CO William Haskin was called from Wexford County Central Dispatch about a deer that had possibly been shot. CO Haskin and Sgt. Howell from Wexford County Sherriff’s Office responded to the location and found deer hair and blood where the deer had bedded down. A witness said they saw the deer get up and limp off that appeared to be injured. After talking with several people in the neighborhood, many had heard the gun shot but didn’t see anything. CO Haskin was able to locate where the deer had been shot and interviewed the homeowner with a clear shot to that location. During the interview, the suspect confessed to shooting the deer because it was eating his bushes. CO Haskin submitted charges to the Wexford County Prosecutor’s Office requesting charges for taking a deer out of season.

CO Rebecca Hubers responded to a nuisance bear complaint at Crystal Mountain Resort. Security officers reported a black bear traveling along the children’s water park area and frightening guests. CO Hubers, along with Benzie County Sheriff’s Deputy Weaver and Crystal Mountain security staff, hazed the bear from the activity area into a larger nearby wooded area, off-campus. CO Hubers gave security staff reminders of securing bear attractants in the area.

CO Rebecca Hubers assisted Benzie County Sheriff’s Office with an ORV roadway crash involving a 15-year-old unsupervised operator. The operator left the roadway and collided with a tree. The operator was wearing a helmet and was transported from the scene by ambulance. The Benzie County Sheriff’s deputies completed the accident report and will follow up with the parents of the operator.

CO Troy Ludwig was assisting MSP on a lost child complaint when he located the child walking along the road. The child was turned over to MSP and reunited with her family.

CO Kyle Publiski responded to a call of an overturned kayak on the Pere Marquette River. It was reported that the female could not swim, did not have a PFD. and was clinging to debris in the river while trying to hang on in the unseasonably cold and swift water. CO Publiski was first on scene and located the victim stranded in the river and, by this time, was unable to feel her hands and feet. CO Publiski was able to throw his throw-bag to the victim, instructing her to wrap the rope around her body creating a lifeline in the event she as swept downstream. U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer Doug Berringer, Sgt. Brad Nixon, and Deputy Craig Mayo, both with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, arrived on scene to assist CO Publiski. As the officers started to pull the victim toward shore, she released her grip from the debris and was sept downstream, becoming entangled in a log located in the middle of the river. The victim was not able to free herself due to being in the cold water for nearly 45 minutes. CO Publiski entered the swiftly moving water and was able to physically lift the victim over the log, getting her to shore. When on shore, the victim was showing signs of extreme hypothermia. She was wrapped in dry blankets and carried out over steep terrain for nearly a quarter mile to the ambulance.

CO Josiah Killingbeck responded to a personal injury accident where one vehicle had disregarded a stop sign and struck another vehicle. CO Killingbeck was the second law enforcement unit on scene and discovered that there were no emergency medical personnel on scene. CO Killingbeck’s attention was directed to a female that was bleeding heavily from a leg injury. CO Killingbeck noticed that the injured person had lost a significant amount of blood and was going into shock. When CO Killingbeck assessed the patient’s condition, he learned that she was on blood thinners making the situation even more critical. CO Killingbeck applied a tourniquet to the victim’s injured leg and was able to get the bleeding under control, potentially saving the victim’s life. The patient was turned over to EMS where the subject was then airlifted to a downstate trauma center.

While on patrol along a utility powerline near a well-known illegal ORV hill climb, COs Ryan Andrews, Brian Brosky, and Sgt. Grant Emery watched as several SUVs approached the bottom of the hill climb. The COs could hear as the ORVs approached and observed one of the operators spin several doughnuts part way up the hill. All three vehicles eventually operated up the hill and stopped by the waiting COs at the top. The group was educated on where they can legally operate their ORVs and the erosive conditions that can result from operating in closed areas such as this. Citations were issued for operating ORVs in a closed area and open intoxicants on an ORV.

CO Angela Greenway coordinated a Hunter Safety Field Day by securing a location and conducting the instruction. The group of students were provided quality one-on-one interaction and education with CO Greenway throughout the day-long event.

CO Ben Shively attended the inaugural Oceana County Water Safety Day held in Pentwater. Numerous law enforcement and emergency departments attended and displayed their emergency equipment. CO Shively set up a station where he displayed and discussed the various types of PFDs. CO Shively had children sit in his patrol boat with a scenario where the boat was taking on water and they had to locate the proper PFD and properly put them on. Over 250 people attended the Water Safety Day. Children were fitted and given PFDs, which were donated by county businesses and associations.

CO Ben Shively assisted the Oceana County Sheriff’s Department with a domestic violence complaint where the victim had stated the suspect had snapping turtles in the trunk of his car. CO Shively was able to locate the subject and found two living snapping turtles and a dead snapping turtle in the trunk of a car. The subject was cited for possession of snapping turtles during the closed season. The two live turtles were released into a local lake and the dead turtle was buried. A warrant is being sought for domestic violence on the subject.

COs Ben Shively and Troy VanGelderen attended the spring Hunter Safety Class held at Grace Adventures in Oceana County. COs Shively and VanGelderen spoke to the class, explained the Hunting Digest, and worked the field day discussing proper vehicle transportation of firearms and instructed at the archery station showing students how to shoot a bow and arrow and crossbow.

CO Mike Wells set up surveillance along a powerline that has a long history of illegal ORV activity. CO Wells observed a dark color SUV stop at the top of the gorge and observed two male subjects exit the vehicle. CO Wells could hear them discuss the many options they had to drive down into the gorge as they planned their approach to keep from getting stuck. CO Wells then observed the two subjects enter the vehicle and illegally enter the gorge, driving through the stream and up the other side. A short time later, the vehicle traveled back into the gorge, across the stream and got stuck attempting to exit the location. As these two subjects attempted to free their vehicle, a side-by-side ORV arrived in the area, drove down into the gorge and around the stuck vehicle, through the stream and out the other side. The first two subjects finally got out of the gorge and when the side-by-side returned, CO Wells stopped both vehicles and issued them citations for the operation of the ORVs through the stream. Warnings were issued for operating in an erosive manner and closed area violations. One of the subjects denied driving into the gorge but changed his mind when CO Wells showed him the video he had taken on his cell phone.

CO Josh Reed was dispatched to Antlers Lakeside Restaurant in Canadian Lakes for a disorderly subject in the bar. Dispatch had advised the manager of the restaurant that the subject was highly intoxicated when he arrived at the restaurant on his pontoon. Upon arrival, CO Josh Reed contacted the manager and found out the subject had left the bar after being refused to be served any alcohol. A waiter, who was working the outside patio area, came in and stated that the subject had fallen on the dock near his pontoon and smashed his nose. CO Reed contacted the subject and called EMS to the scene to check out the injury to his nose. During the investigation, it was determined that the subject had been drinking on his pontoon prior to his arrival at the restaurant. A witness had observed the subject arrive at the restaurant on his pontoon and drive directly into the dock while trying to dock his pontoon. Several empty containers of alcohol, including a bottle of rum, were located on the pontoon. After EMS cleared the subject, SFSTs were attempted. Due to the subject’s intoxication level, he was unable to finish the tests and refused a preliminary breath test. The operator of the pontoon was arrested for OWI and was transported to the Mecosta County jail.


CO Matt Zultak checked a boat with three anglers after dark without any navigation lights on Backus Lake in Roscommon County. The operator of the boat had blood shot eyes and had trouble following CO Zultak’s instructions. SFSTs were conducted to determine if the operator was operating under the influence of alcohol. The operator was eventually arrested for boating while intoxicated and transported to the Roscommon County jail.

CO Kyle Bader checked a stretch of Houghton Creek that flows through private property in Ogemaw County. The landowner reported ongoing trespassing issues earlier in the year. CO Bader located two anglers that did not have permission to be fishing on the private property. The anglers showed CO Bader where they accessed the creek. There were three “no trespassing” signs within arm’s reach of where the anglers went around the cattle fence. Both were cited for recreational trespass. Although the anglers said they had not been previously told to stay off the property, a call to the landowner confirmed that they had been told multiple times they were not welcome.

CO Mark Papineau responded to an ORV accident with injuries on the ORV trail in Gladwin County. With assistance from Sgt. Jon Wood and CO Joe Myers, the COs located the victim, who had crashed into a tree while attempting to navigate a curve. The victim suffered from a broken leg as well as other cuts and abrasions. With assistance from fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel, COs Papineau, Myers, and Sgt. Jon Wood secured the victim in a rescue litter and extricated the subject from the woods by hand. The victim was transported by ambulance to a Midland hospital for further treatment.


While on patrol near the Pine River in Gratiot County, CO Adam Schiller observed two individuals fishing. CO Schiller approached the subjects and asked to see their fishing licenses. One subject stated he did not have a current fishing license. CO Schiller asked the anglers for their name and date of birth. One subject gave the CO a false name and date of birth. The CO stated that it is in the subject’s best interest to give proper information to a police officer when asked. The subject stated that he may have warrants for his arrest. The CO informed them that their cooperation from here on is paramount. The subject then gave the CO the correct information and it was determined that there were four misdemeanor warrants for his arrest. The CO placed the subject under arrest for the warrants and issued the other angler a citation for fishing with no license.

CO Josh Jackson responded to a traffic crash. Central dispatch had notified nearby MSP troopers that multiple people were injured in the late-night crash. CO Jackson was the second officer to respond. Medical personnel had already arrived and began necessary first aid. CO Jackson assisted the MSP troopers as they attempted to locate the driver who fled on foot after the crash. The MSP helicopter was called in to scan the nearby state land. CO Jackson assisted with perimeter patrol for several hours until MSP called off the search when evidence to identify the driver had been obtained.

CO Quincy Gowenlock received a complaint regarding workers at a local golf club who were riding around in a golf cart and shooting Canada geese. CO Gowenlock responded to the scene and, with the assistance of the complainant, found an adult and juvenile Canada goose freshly killed and tossed in the tall grass. The CO went to the pro shop and requested to speak with the manager. When questioned, the manager had no idea that this had happened. He then began calling his workers and was able to track down the suspect. The suspect arrived and admitted shooting both geese with a pellet gun. Warrants are pending.


CO Carter Woodwyk assisted park officers at the Holland State Park (SP) in Ottawa County for their “Graduation Season” which consists of local high school senior graduates camping for a week after graduation. During the course of the patrol, they confiscated marijuana from two underage subjects as well as a large amount of alcohol throughout the night. Citations were issued for the possession infractions.

CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling Allegan County when he observed two subjects returning to their truck with fishing poles in their hands. The CO drove up to the subjects to see how they did fishing. When he pulled up to their truck, one of the subjects quickly dropped a bottle shaped item in the bed of the truck. The CO discovered it was a glass pipe with marijuana in it. CO Woodwyk gained consent from the subjects to search the vehicle and located a bag containing marijuana. Both subjects were under the legal age of 21 to possess marijuana. In addition, both subjects admitted to fishing all week long without licenses. Enforcement action was taken for the possession violation.

While on marine patrol, COs Travis Dragomer and Jeff Robinette located a vessel trolling upon Lake Michigan, Berrien County. The COs observed six total fishing lines in use behind the vessel. The COs contacted the angler on board who advised that he was fishing by himself. The angler was aware that he couldn’t use more than three lines at once but did so anyway. A citation was written for fishing with more than three lines.

COs Travis Dragomer and Zach Bauer conducted a marine patrol on Lake Michigan and the St. Joseph River, Berrien County. The COs observed an individual from shore who appeared to be fishing with a total of five fishing poles in use. The COs contacted the individual who admitted to using five fishing poles at once. A citation was written for fishing with more than three lines.

CO Anna Cullen received a RAP complaint via phone call while she was out of service for the evening. The complaint was regarding an individual who was actively taking short bass in the Middle Branch of the Muskegon River. CO Cullen received the needed information and located the fishing area listed in the complaint. CO Cullen was able to find the suspects as well as the short bass. A citation was issued regarding the short smallmouth bass.


CO Jason McCullough assisted the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department and Marshall Police Department with investigating a hit and run vehicle vs. house accident. CO McCullough, with the help of some local witnesses, located the vehicle at a residence. The driver denied hitting the house or driving on the sidewalk even though there were still pieces of the house lodged in the tire and wheel of the vehicle. After showing the driver the house paint that was on the fender of the vehicle, the driver admitted to becoming impatient with a car backing out into the road. The driver stated they wanted to get around the vehicle that was backing up and decided to drive up and onto the sidewalk. Several additional witnesses were interviewed, and the story was verified.  Fortunately, no one was injured as the collision with the house caused the deployment of the air bags in the vehicle.

CO Nick Wellman was on marine patrol when Branch Central Dispatch called him about a boat that was quickly taking on water on the north chain of lakes in Branch County. CO Wellman responded to the boat launch and was able to locate the boat and get the four occupants along with their vessel safely back to the launch. CO Wellman assisted them in getting the boat out of the lake and drained out.

CO Nathan Beelman transported a fawn from Clinton County animal control to a local wildlife rehabilitator. The fawn was found in the trunk of a motor vehicle during a traffic stop made by St. Johns Police Department. The driver and passenger of the vehicle had found the fawn and were going to transport the fawn back to their house in Indiana. The driver and passenger of the vehicle were arrested on drug possession charges and further charges are being sought for transporting and possessing the wild fawn.

COs Katie Stawara and Nathan Beelman were patrolling Lake Chemung when they observed a personal watercraft speed past a pontoon boat, well within 100 feet. A stop was conducted and contact with the vessel resulted in the operator displaying multiple signs of intoxication. The COs transported the suspect to shore where SFSTs were conducted and a preliminary breath test (PBT) administered. The suspect failed all tests and was arrested for boating under the influence. MSP assisted with transport of the suspect who was taken to St. Joseph hospital for a consented blood draw. The suspect was later lodged at the Livingston County jail.


CO Luke Robare was conducting a marine patrol on the Holloway Reservoir and checked two shore anglers. Neither angler had a valid fishing license.  CO Robare ran both subjects through the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) and one of the subjects had a felony warrant out of Flint. CO Robare contacted CO Justin Muehlhauser to assist in transporting the subject. The subject was lodged at the Flint city jail.

COs Justin Muehlhauser and Tom Peterson received a complaint via RAP that there were two individuals taking over-limits of panfish on a lake in Orion Township. The COs then launched their patrol boat and were able to locate the anglers fishing on the southern end of the lake. The COs contacted the individuals and asked to check fishing licenses and possession limits. The individuals both possessed valid fishing licenses and were under the limit on panfish. However, during the check, it was discovered that the individuals had a total of five undersized largemouth bass. One subject was issued a citation for possessing four undersized largemouth bass and the other was cited for possessing one undersized bass. The bass ranged from 10.25 inches to 13.75 inches and were seized by the COs as evidence.

CO Luke Robare was patrolling Lake Fenton with CO Justin Muehlhauser when they stopped a pontoon for a registration violation. The COs suspected the driver of the boat to be under the influence of alcohol. CO Robare administered a SFST on the individual and determined that they were, in fact, impaired. COs Robare and Muehlhauser arrested the individual for marine operating under the influence.

COs Justin Muehlhauser and Luke Robare patrolled Lake Fenton on a busy Saturday afternoon. The COs observed a vessel that was towing a wake surfer without an observer. Upon stopping the vessel, the COs discovered that there were no MC numbers displayed.  The vessel was being operated by the surfer’s 16-year-old son who did not possess a boater safety certificate. The COs addressed the violations with the owner of the vessel. The owner was issued a citation for being towed without an observer and warned for the other violations.

COs Justin Muehlhauser and Luke Robare patrolled Lobdell Lake for marine activity. Several vessels were stopped for displaying expired registration. In one event, upon stopping the vessel, the COs noticed multiple children under six years old not wearing PFDs. The owner was cited for the violation and warned for the expired registration. Later, the COs noticed another vessel with an expired registration for 2017. Again, when the vessel was stopped, there were multiple children under six years old not wearing PFDs. It was also discovered that five of the occupants were under 21 and in possession of alcohol. All the alcohol was poured out and five minors were warned for minor in possession. The operator was issued a citation for the children under six years old not wearing PFDs and for operating on an expired registration.

While on patrol COs Tom Peterson and Jacob Griffin encountered a group of jet skiers operating within 100 feet from shore and harassing geese on Pontiac Lake. The two individuals were cited for operating within 100 feet from shore and warned about harassing geese.

CO Brad Silorey followed up on a complaint involving a 25-foot boat that had sunk in a canal of Lake St. Clair. After speaking with the complainant and a neighbor, it was found that the vessel was already pulled out of the water but had possibly leaked some oil/gas. CO Silorey could see a light sheen of oil on the water surface. CO Silorey called Macomb County Sheriff’s Marine Division who responded to the scene the day that it was removed and advised them that there were still some pollutants in the water. The Macomb County Sheriff’s Marine deputies responded and assisted CO Silorey with attempting to clean the area using absorbent pads. CO Silorey is investigating into the salvage company to see why there was little to no cleanup effort.

COs Brad Silorey and Joe Deppen investigated a complaint regarding a captive fawn. After searching the small town where the subject lived, COs Silorey and Deppen were having a hard time locating the correct residence. In a last-ditch effort, CO Silorey called the subject with a phone number given by a co-worker and was able to have the subject meet them with the fawn. They stated that someone had dropped the fawn off at their “farm” and could provide proof that they attempted to call the DNR in Lansing to find out where to bring it. The fawn was taken to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, and the subjects were given a warning for possession of wildlife without a permit.

CO Nick Ingersoll and a Monroe City police officer were checking anglers at the DTE Energy Hot Ponds when they came across an angler who was fishing with four lines. CO Ingersoll asked the angler how many fish he had caught, and the angler showed CO Ingersoll the five-gallon bucket full of channel catfish. CO Ingersoll counted the number of channel catfish the angler had, and the angler was found to be in possession of 19 channel catfish. The legal daily limit for channel catfish is ten. CO Ingersoll then asked the angler how many lines he was supposed to be fishing with, and the angler stated he thought it was four. CO Ingersoll asked if the angler had a fishing guide, and he advised he did. The angler said he read it before coming out and thought he could have 25 channel catfish and four lines in the water. CO Ingersoll advised the angler that he was only allowed to fish with three fishing lines in the water and was only allowed to possess ten channel catfish. The angler was cited for possessing an over-limit of channel catfish and warned for fishing with more than three lines.

CO Nick Ingersoll was dispatched by Monroe County Central Dispatch to a water rescue. Three individuals were enjoying the nice Friday evening in Brest Bay in Lake Erie when they stopped to go swimming. One of the individuals jumped off the vessel and, by the time they realized it, they were drifting too far from the vessel and were unable to get back. The vessel would not start, so one of the other individuals on the vessel jumped off the boat with a rope and PFD and attempted to save the person who was drifting away. Both individuals were unable to get back to the vessel, and that is when the last individual on the vessel called 911 for help. CO Ingersoll along with Monroe Township Fire Department, Frenchtown Fire Department, and Monroe County Ambulance responded. CO Ingersoll assisted with the search of the two individuals holding onto one PFD to stay afloat and assisted with the search of the stranded vessel. The vessel was located approximately a mile and a half from the shoreline of Sterling SP with the stranded individual on it by Monroe Township Fire Department after being stranded in the water for approximately an hour after the time of the call. Frenchtown Fire Department was able to assist with locating the two stranded individuals who had drifted away from their vessel and both were pulled from the water. The individuals were suffering from mild hypothermia but expected to make a full recovery. All individuals were transported back to Sterling SP where Monroe County Ambulance was waiting. CO Ingersoll along with the help of a Sterling SP ranger were able to launch back out of Sterling SP after everyone was safe and locate the stranded vessel that was still drifting to shore in Brest Bay. CO Ingersoll contacted the US Coast Guard (USCG) and advised them of the vessel’s location. The vessel was partially anchored, but still a drift with the high wind. The USCG was able to dispatch a recovery vessel to tow the vessel back into Sterling SP.


COs Adam Beuthin, Richard Cardenas, and Sgt. Damon Owens, were the first emergency responders to arrive at the scene of a dispatch call of a vehicle that had driven over the bridge into the water after the park had closed. Officers searched the MacArthur Bridge and determined that it was not at that location and continued searching the island locating the vehicle in Lake Tacoma. Upon arriving, the officers located a Cadillac Escalade submerged up to its headlights in mucky water. A female passenger was attempting to climb out of the front-passenger window when the officers arrived. Officers shouted to the female, asking how many people were in the vehicle and if there were any injuries. The female responded that it was only herself and the driver and that neither of them were injured. After learning that there were no injuries, Sgt. Owens instructed the female to stay where she was so that the officers could toss her the throw bag rescue device consisting of a bag with a rope inside of it. The rope extends out of the bag while one person holds onto one end of the rope and is pulled by a person from the opposite side. During this time, MSP arrived at the scene and provided a life preserver that CO Beuthin was able to send down the rope of the lifeline to the female. When the female put the life preserver on and climbed out of the window, she immediately began to sink in the mucky water. Together, the officers pulled the female safely to shore where she was provided a warming blanket. Assuring the officers that she was alright, she sat in the park and called an Uber for transportation. With the driver still in the vehicle, the officers attempted to provide him with a life preserver, but the man declined. The driver continued to climb out of the front-passenger window and immediately fell face down, passively floating in the water. Once the driver was secured on shore, he began stumbling and was unable to walk. Appearing to be disoriented, the driver was put through a SFST by COs Micah Hintze and Brad Silorey. After failing the SFSTs and refusing a PBT, the driver was arrested for operating under the influence. Complaining of pain, the subject was transported by ambulance to Detroit Mercy Hospital where he was held for observation but did not sustain any physical injuries. Tow trucks were unable to remove the vehicle from the mucky water; a crane arrived and was able to remove the vehicle. The scene was cleared on Sunday around 9 am.

Sgt. Dan Bigger took a complaint on Belle Isle of dogs continuously being off their leashes. Within a couple of hours of taking the complaint, Sgt. Bigger noted two large dogs walking through a grassy area without leashes and the owner quite a distance behind them. Sgt. Bigger contacted the owner, advised to put the dogs on leashes, and issued a citation for failing to have his dogs leashed.

Sgt. Dan Bigger stopped a vehicle for running through a stop sign without stopping or slowing down while working on Belle Isle. Upon contacting the operator, Sgt. Bigger noted what appeared to be alcohol in the vehicle. The driver was able to provide a valid license but was unable to provide a current registration. Upon confirming that there was open alcohol with the back-seat passenger, Sgt. Bigger asked the passenger for his name. The name that Sgt. Bigger was provided was found to be false. After a short conversation with the other passengers, Sgt. Bigger and other COs who had now come to the location as back-up identified the subject’s real name and found he had warrants for his arrest. The subject was taken into custody, lodged, and given a citation for open intoxicants in a motor vehicle. The driver was issued a citation along with a warning for no registration and disregarding a stop sign.

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