Fisheries Orders

See below for individual Fish Orders provided in PDF format.

FO-200 - Statewide Trout, Salmon, Whitefish and Lake Herring Regulations;

FO-201 - Special Fishing Regulations, Big Island Lakes Complex, Schoolcraft County;

FO-202 - Special Hook Size Fishing Regulations;

FO-203 - Waters Closed for the Taking of Minnows for Personal Use;(Rescinded by FO 216.16)

FO-204 - Spawning Closures;

FO-205 - Michigan-Wisconsin Boundary Waters;

FO-206 - Special Fishing Regulations for Warmwater Species on Select Lakes;

FO-207 - Number of Fishing Rods on the Great Lakes and Connecting Waters; (Rescinded by FO-247.09)

FO-210 - Designated Trout Streams for the State of Michigan;

FO-211- Special Fishing Regulations, Fumee Lake, Dickinson County, Fishing Closure; (Expired 3/31/2013)

FO-212 - Fishing Regulations - Sylvania Wilderness Area, Ottawa National Forest, Gogebic County;

FO-213 - Criteria for Selection of Trout Streams with Gear Restriction Regulations;

FO-214- Waters Where Northern Pike May Be Taken At Any Size; (Rescinded by FO-206.15A)

FO-215 - Statewide Warmwater Regulations Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye, Muskellunge, Channel Catfish, Flathead Catfish, and Yellow Perch;

FO-216 - Regulations for the Taking of Minnows for Commercial Purposes;

FO-217 - Order to Restrict Spearing Season; (Rescinded by FO-219.10)

FO-218 - Gear Restrictions for Fishing;

FO-219 - Waters Open to the Use of Spears and Bows;

FO-220 - Special Muskellunge and Northern Pike Regulations; (Rescinded by FO-219.12)

FO-221 - Banning of Dip Net Fishing on Certain Michigan Inland Streams (Rescinded by FO-229.13)

FO-222 - Restricted and Closed Waters for Fisheries Research;

FO-223 - Protection of Sturgeon, Muskellunge, and Walleye on the Black, Indian and Cheboygan Rivers; (Rescinded by FO-204.10)

FO-224 - Regulation on the Take of Reptiles and Amphibians;

FO-226 - Hook and Line Restrictions During Walleye Spawning Runs;

FO-227 - Waters Open and Regulations Governing the Taking of Wigglers and Crayfish for Commercial Purposes (Rescinded by FO 216.16)

FO-228 - Regulations on the Take of Mollusks;

FO-229 - Netting Regulations;

FO-230 - Trout Streams Open to the Taking of Northern Pike Through the Ice;(Rescinded by FO-220.08)

FO-231 - Catch Reporting Regulations for Commercial Minnow, Wigglers and Crayfish Catchers; (Rescinded by FO 216.16)

FO-232 - Waters Open to Netting Burbot (Rescinded by FO-229.13);

FO-233 - Waters Threatened By Excessive Fish Mortalities (Expired 03/31/15);

FO-234 - Great Lakes Spearing Regulations;(Rescinded by FO-219.08)

FO-235 - Fishing Regulations - Craig Lake State Park Waters, Baraga County;

FO-236 - Special Fishing Regulations Spring Mill Pond, Island Lake Recreation Area, Livingston County;

FO-237- Special Sport Fishing Size Limits on Yellow Perch in Lake Huron Waters of Mackinac County and the St. Mary's River and Lake Huron Waters of Chippewa County; (Rescinded by FO-215.13)

FO-238 - Southern Michigan Catch and Release Bass Fishing; (Rescinded by FO-215.06)

FO-239- Huron River No-Kill Bass Regulation; (Rescinded by FO-206.15A)

FO-240 - Sturgeon Regulations - Statewide;

FO-241 - Fishing Prohibited in Fish Ladders;

FO-242 - Lake St. Clair - Detroit River Boundary;

FO-243 - State-Licensed Commercial Fishing;

FO-244 - Guidelines for Selection of Quality Non-Trout Fishing Lakes; (Expired 3/31/2017 and the Guidelines were moved into Sendek, S., T. Grischke, and M. Bremigan.  2016.  Quality non-Trout fishing lakes.  Chapter 21: Appendix A in Manual of fisheries survey methods.  Internal document on Intranet, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Fisheries Division.)

FO-245 - Fish Disease Control;

FO-246 - Statewide Smelt Regulation (Rescinded by FO-200.14);

FO-247 - Number of Fishing Rods on Michigan Waters;

FO-248 - Possession Limits for Fish;

FO-249 - Crayfish Regulations;

FO-250 - Fishing Tournament Registration;

FO-251 - Ice Fishing Shanty Regulations;