Algonac State Park (Phase 2)

The DNR is in the process of developing a new phase 2 general management plan for Algonac State Park. The general management plan will be used to define a long-range planning and management strategy that protects the resources of the park, while addressing recreation and education needs and opportunities. Public and stakeholder input is a critical component of the planning process.

The phase 1 general management plan was approved in 2005 and the phase 2 plan approved was approved 2008. These plans identify the purpose and significance of the park, designate management zones which reflect the land preservation goals and recreation programming for different areas within the park and identifies 10-year long-range action goals for the park.

An updated phase 2 general management plan will replace the existing 2008 phase 2 plan by re-establishing long-range action goals for the park as a whole and for each of the management zones defined in the phase 1 plan. Action goals will be developed that address natural resources, historic/cultural resources, recreation opportunities, educational/interpretation opportunities, management focus and future development. 


Public input

An opportunity to review and provide comment on the draft phase 2 GMP will be available at a later date - check back for updates.


Please contact Matt Lincoln at with any questions.