apprentice hunter learning to hunt
  • New to hunting? Or interested in learning how to hunt but not sure where to start? Check out the range of helpful resources we've put together for new hunters or those who may want to give hunting a try, including:

    • A wealth of valuable information from the Modern Hunters blog, by self-taught hunters who explain the ins and outs of learning to hunt through the eyes of a beginner. Documenting and explaining everything from terminology to techniques, this is a must-read for the new hunter.
    • Videos and tools to help get you started, including maps of places you can hunt.
    • Recipes and other information about eating wild game.
    • Resources and events brought to you by various DNR partners.

    Scroll through to explore each section below, and if you have any questions while learning about hunting, give your local DNR Customer Service Center a call or email – we’d love to help!

Hunting 101
Next Steps
Eating Wild
Partner Resources and Events