Mental Health Services

  • Mental Health Services (MHS) is a division of the Michigan Department of Corrections' Bureau of Health Care Services (BHCS), and is responsible for the provision of mental health care for any eligible prisoner incarcerated in a Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) correctional facility.  Approximately 20% of Michigan's prisoners population is enrolled in a mental health program operated by MHS, with services ranging from brief counseling to inpatient residential placements.

    Programs offered through MHS reflect the following guiding principles:


    The mission of Mental Health Services is to provide mental health services to MDOC prisoners that are efficient, effective, accessible, timely, and of quality equal to or exceeding community standards.


    The vision of Mental Health Services is to provide treatment to prisoners with mental illness, which will empower them to function more independently, responsibly, and with self-control, thereby increasing the safety and security of the prisoners and the facility, and with the skills and abilities to prepare them for successful re-entry into the community.

    The following links provide additional information for each specialized level of care: