Reentry Services

Vision Statement: To provide evidence-based Reentry Services to MDOC staff, stakeholders, probationers, parolees and prisoners.

Mission Statement: To ensure systemic, risk-based and data-driven case management practices at probation, incarceration and parole with shared, cross-administration data availability. To train, update and enhance staff skills in the specialty area of offender reentry best practices.

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24/7 Structured Housing
Base Housing/Rents
Housing Supplies 
Vocational Assessment
Job Readiness
Job Search/Job Development
Temporary Work Experience
Try-Out Employment
On-The-Job Training
Work Supplies
Clothing Assistance 
Hygiene/Food Assistance 
Pro-Social Activities
Public Transportation
Private Transportation 
Law Enforcement 
Telephone Assistance 
Cognitive Behavioral Groups 
Batterer Intervention Services 
Group Counseling 
Individual Counseling
Family Counseling 
Psychiatric Evaluation 
Prescription Psychotropic Medication
Medication Review
Prescription Medication Health Care