MDHHS Rapid Antigen Testing Training Series, FAQs & Resources

The information below pertains to the 2021-2022 school year.

The four-part training series below is intended for schools, sports teams, and other community partners that will be providing on-site rapid antigen testing at their location. If you are receiving free antigen tests through an MDHHS program you are required to complete this training series. 

1. Introductory Webinar and Q&A​

Slide Presentation: MI Safer Schools: COVID-19 Testing Orientation

Informational Materials

2. Enrollment, Forms and Q&A


3. Specimen Collection Training​

Materials for BinaxNow Test


Informational Materials

  1. Antigen Card
  2. Binax NOW Training Competency Quiz
  3. BinaxNOW Training Evaluation Form
  4. BinaxNOW Ag Testing Tips
  5. Nasal Swab Collection
  6. Listing of Medical Waste Disposal Services

Materials for Pooled Testing

Pooled Testing Training

Informational Materials

  1. MCC Program Overview
  2. HHS COVID-19 Testing Information Pack

Materials for CareStart Test

Slide Presentation: MDHHS CareStart Training


Informational Materials

  1. CareStart COVID-19 Antigen Test Package Insert (Instructions for Use)
  2. MDHHS CareStart Antigen Tests: Frequently Asked Questions and Resources
  3. CDC How to Self-Swab
  4. Listing of Medical Waste Disposal Services

4. Reporting and Reordering  ​

MI COVID Antigen Reporting

Antigen Test School Ordering Form: MI Safer Schools: School DISTRICT Antigen COVID Test School Ordering Form

How to Order Test Kits and Report Results through MDHHS

How to Report Testing Results to MDHHS

Informational Materials