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Join our FREE online workshops to get the most current information on charitable gaming. Workshops cover specific topics related to bingo, annual charity game, special charity game, and raffle licenses. No pre-registration required. No app required, just click on the meeting link at the beginning of the session.  

Tuesday, January 25

11am to noon    Click HERE to join the meeting

Bingo (Part 1)

We will discuss:

  • Game Programs/House Rules (what needs to be included)
  • Michigan Progressive Jackpot (specific guidelines)
  • Linked Progressive
  • Hot Balls and Other New Games (as time permits)


Thursday, February 10

11am to noon      Click HERE to join the meeting

Bingo (Part 2) 

We will discuss:

  • Workers
  • Charity Game Tickets
  • Deface/Destroy Winning Tickets
  • Event Ticket Game Rules



Coming soon...Annual Charity Game Ticket License topics such as electronic game records, balancing out the bartender/prize bank, deface/destroy tickets, ticket variety, where tickets can be sold, what the profit can be used for, and more. 


If you have questions about these workshops or how to access them, please contact your local inspector or our main office at 517-335-5780 or