2020-21 Collection Component Matrix

2020-21 MSDS Collection Component Matrix

This matrix indicates which components are required (R), conditional (C), or optional (O) for each collection. Those criteria identify the system expectations for each component and characteristic. Please note that all the data collected by CEPI and MSDS are required for reporting purposes, however not all data is applicable to every student. Therefore the system cannot always require each data element. Detailed explanations of required, conditional and optional are located at the bottom of this page. Click the PDF or Excel icon next to a component to view its data elements and business rules. Each collection has multiple components.

World Wide Web Consortium is the ultimate authority on XML data types. All collection schemas will reference the W3C definitions for the base data types. Please reference the appropriate collection schema and the W3C to ensure a valid file submission.

Please note: the information contained in these documents is effective as of the 2020-21 school year rollover in mid-September 2020. Prior to the rollover, refer to the 2019-20 Collection Component Matrix.

MSDS Collection Component Matrix for 2020-21
Components PDF XLS General Request for UIC Early Childhood Early Roster Teacher Student Data Link Third Grade Retention Student Record Maint.
Collection Certification Business Rules PDF icon Excel icon The collection certification business rules vary depending on the collection.
Attendance Attendacne - PDF Attendance - Excel C           C
Discipline Discipline - PDF Discipline - Excel C           C
Early Childhood Programs Early Childhood - PDF Early Childhood - Excel     R        
Early Childhood Special Education Assessment Early Childhood Special Education Assessment - PDF Early Childhood Special Education Assessment - Excel O           O
Early On Early On - PDF Early On - Excel O           O
Early On Services Early On Services - PDF Early On Services - Excel O           O
Early Reading Deficiency Early Reading Deficiency - PDF Early Reading Deficiency - Excel C            
Enrollment Enrollment - PDF Enrollment - Excel R O         R
General Education FTE General Education - PDF General Education - Excel O           O
Homeless Demographics Homeless Demographics - PDF Homeless Demographics - Excel C   C       C
Initial IEP Initial IEP - PDF Initial IEP - Excel O           O
Initial IFSP Initial IFSP - PDF Initial IFSP - Excel O           O
Membership Membership - PDF Membership - Excel R           R
Part B Referral Part B Referral - PDF Part B Referral - Excel C           C
Part C Assessment Part C Assessment - PDF Parc C Assessment - Excel O           O
Personal Core Personal Core - PDF Personal Core - Excel R R R R R R R
Personal Curriculum Personal Curriculum - PDF Personal Curriculum - Excel C           C
Personal Demographics Personal Demographics - PDF Personal Demographics - Excel R O R O     R
Program Participation Program Participation - PDF Program Participation - Excel C   O       C
School Demographics School Demographics - PDF School Demographics - Excel R O   R R R R
Seclusion and Restraint Seclusion and Restraint - PDF Seclusion and Restraint - Excel C   C        
Section 23a Section 23a - PDF Section 23a - Excel             O
Section 25 Section 25 - PDF Section 25 - Excel             O
SNE SNE - PDF SNE - Excel O   O       O
Special Education Special Ed - PDF Special Ed - Excel C           C
Student Course Student Course - PDF Student Course - Excel         R    
Student Record Maintenance SRM - PDF SRM - Excel             R
Submitting Entity Submitting Entity - PDF Submitting Entity - Excel R R R R R R R
Third Grade Retention Decision Third Grade Retention Decision - PDF Third Grade Retention Decision - Excel           R  
Title I Services Title I Services - PDF Title I Services - Excel C           C
Title III English Learner and Immigrant Title III English Learner and Immigrant - PDF Title III English Learner and Immigrant - Excel O           O


R - Required C - Conditional O - Optional
If cell is blank, the component is not allowed for that collection.


Explanation of Required, Conditional and Optional PDF icon