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Office of Internal Audit Services

  • Office of Internal Audit Services

    The Office of Internal Audit Services (OIAS) is responsible for providing internal audit services to the executive branch departments of Michigan state government.  They provide objective, independent assurance and consulting activities that are designed to add value and improve the State of Michigan's operations.

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Rick Lowe Wins Internal Auditor of the Year

Doug Roosa of OIAS wins MICPA Distinguished Achievement Award

  • Doug Roosa of OIAS wins MICPA Distinguished Achievement Award

    Doug Roosa Award


    Doug Roosa of the Office of Internal Audit Services (OIAS) was awarded the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA). The award honors CPAs who have demonstrated outstanding achievement, leadership, and service in areas such as commerce/industry, governmental/public service, education and civic/social endeavors. ​

    OIAS provides internal audit services to all state departments and several other autonomous agencies. Doug currently serves as the Internal Audit Director for Public Safety and Quality of Life departments, were he works diligently to identify key business risks, conduct financial reviews, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state operations.

    Doug has also worked to overhaul the State of Michigan's comprehensive risk management program. This ongoing project which includes internal control evaluations, operations and compliance components, and financial reporting objectives, is the most comprehensive reengineering of the program since its inception in 1986. Doug's experience and leadership have been critical in determining the revised methods and approaches that will be used to effectively manage risk within the state and achieve positive outcomes for decades to come.​​

    In addition, Doug also leads the Flint Integrity Oversight Monitor (IOM) function, which assists and evaluates the efficient and effective use of state programs and appropriations related to the Flint Water Crisis. The IOM function is a key component of the overall recovery program and is relied on by the Governor, Legislature, and the City of Flint.​​

    Doug's experience and influence in risk management and financial accounting has proven valuable to the state, but more importantly, his leadership and ability to positively influence the culture and inspire others (staff, peers and state leaders) is proving to be one of his strongest skills. He is a current member of the WMU Accounting Advisory Board, MICPA President's Advisory Council, and has served more than ten years on the MICPA Board of Directors. Most recently, Doug was appointed to the role of Board Member in 2017 with the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), extending his leadership and service to the national level.